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The most luxury casinos you must visit

The most luxury casinos you must visit

The best casinos have a few expected elements in common. An exciting buzz which fills the atmosphere and a plethora of games for guests to try.

However, the most luxurious casinos supersede your expectations—threading opulence throughout every corner of your visit. 

From humongous casino floors decked with lavish interiors and thousands of games to choose from. To magnificent suites with 24-hour service at hand whenever you want or need it.

As such, it’s no surprise that those who enjoy rich and beautiful surroundings and service would take time to explore the most glamorous casinos the world has to offer.

There are some instances where guests can gain access to a luxury casino complex without setting foot in the building. For instance, some resorts offer Live Casino broadcasting options online. Thus, giving guests the chance to sample a section of the resort in real-time.

But, if you’re yearning to visit the creme de la creme of casinos in person, see below for a selection and description of the most luxurious casinos compiled from across the world.

Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco
If you want to visit the most famous casino worldwide, which is recognized as a regular hangout for celebrities, and royalty, visit the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco.

Here you will have the opportunity to sample a range of casino classics in among its sumptuous surroundings, with the prospect of rubbing shoulders with someone famous.

And with a plethora of top-rated restaurants and salons, guests can enjoy a holistic luxury holiday experience, with the added benefit of spa treatments and fine food and wine. 

The Bellagio in Las Vegas
Visiting Las Vegas is a must to experience the full spectrum of what the gaming realm has to offer.

The Bellagio casino in particular has a reputation that precedes itself. One reason for this is, the hotel starred in a popular movie called Oceans 11, featuring cast members such as Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt.

From its vast square footage hosting over 2000 slots. To its impressive high roller poker rooms. $88 million was invested by Steve Wynn to create the Bellagio. And this doesn’t even begin to factor in the ongoing cost to improve the resort over the years.

Beyond the casino rooms, the Bellagio has other admirable showstopping features, such as a huge lake and, of course, the famous fountain, exhibiting spectacular displays to passers-by.

The Aria Casino in Las Vegas
Aria is owned by MGM Resorts and is conveniently located on the Las Vegas strip.

The Aria casino resort was previously awarded an AAA five-diamond award because it’s the most popular choice for those yearning for first-class service and surroundings.

For space and freedom to roam the casino floors without the business of a smaller casino, visit the Aria.

For guests preferring everything they need in one place, the Aria has the facilities to cater to all. From divine food to superior accommodation with incredible mountain views, plus an integrated 5-star spa in the complex, on attending, it’s likely you’ll never want to leave.

The Venetian in Macau
The Venetian, a sister resort of the Venetian Las Vegas featuring a similar style and theme, is the world’s second-biggest casino covering an impressive 10.5 million square feet. And its casino facilities and interior are just as remarkable as its size. 

For instance, the casino area holds hundreds of popular table games, such as roulette and baccarat, and thousands of slot machines.

Alongside its casino arena, the Venetian also has an events hall that caters to prolific sports events and a resort with thousands of luxury rooms for guests.

But that’s not all, from cinemas to swimming pools, and gyms to restaurants. Plus hundreds of shops and three canals with a free gondola ride for guests. The Venetian provides an unrivalled, luxury casino complex for visitors.

Sun City Casino in South Africa
For lashings of luxury away from the hustle and bustle of casino cities, the gigantic sun city resort located in South Africa could be the ideal spot for you to venture to.

Here guests can take their pick of over 800 slot machines to play and up to 40 gaming tables to place bets, including traditional and obscure casino games such as blackjack, stud poker, and punto baccarat.

There is also a selection of hotels offering huge and opulent suites to choose from.

Moreover, there’s also an abundance of entertainment facilities to explore. Such as a nightclub, botanical gardens, and a golf course.

In addition, for guests craving adventure, they can book a private safari in the complex’s game reserve.

Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas
Located on paradise island in the bright and beautiful Bahamas is the Atlantic Casino, the largest casino complex in the Caribbean.

While intimate compared to the other casinos mentioned, it still offers a myriad of games, including hundreds of slots and a plethora of table games such as roulette, blackjack, and craps.

The most luxurious section of the hotel, exclusive to the wealthy, is the bridge suite. For $25,000 a night, guests can enjoy 24-hour service from a team of seven employees, in amongst beautiful surroundings, decked with a gold chandelier and grand piano.

Most of the best casino resorts combine the most wanted parts of an enjoyable and memorable holiday.

From luxury interior to the convenience of delicious food. An array of entertainment and shopping facilities close by and spectacular views. The above recommendations have it all.

So for a luxury casino experience, consider booking a flight or chartering a yacht to one or more of the resorts mentioned above.