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Vaping travel guide

Vaping travel guide

You might travel a lot as part of your job. Or when you are working hard, your thoughts might be turning to taking a well-deserved vacation as summer approaches.

If you are feeling virtuous having switched the cigarettes for vaping, you might not even give it a second thought as you put your vaping kit in your purse instead of the cigarettes.

However, vaping is still a fairly new concept, so different countries have different views on e-cigarettes and different rules and regulations. Giving up smoking is hard enough - you don’t want your vaping kit confiscated to set you back!

Here are some things you need to know before you travel and vape:

• Do your research before you travel by air

If you are travelling by plane, make sure that you look at the specific vaping policies for that airport and airline. Some airports have vaping areas, and some airports ban vaping in the airport buildings completely.

E-cigarettes are not allowed in checked baggage and have to be transported in carry-on luggage through security in a clear plastic bag.

As with any battery powered device, it is a wise idea to remove the batteries from the device before a flight to be extra cautious. If you have a wax pen vaporizer then drain the battery or separate the chamber from the mod. 

Plan ahead for how much e-liquid you need to bring with you for your trip, as depending on where you are going, you might not be able to stock up easily once at your destination.

After going through security, wrap your e-cigarette and e-liquids in a paper towel or put them in a sealed plastic bag. The change in the pressure as the plane travels higher can cause the e-liquid to leak into your purse.

When travelling by plane, bear in mind that you will not be allowed to charge your e-cigarettes on board.

• Be aware of laws against vaping

Some countries have made vaping illegal following advice from the World Health Organisation. There is quite a long list, but it includes Brazil, Dubai, Egypt and Thailand.

Anyone caught entering theses countries with a vaping device can be subject to fines or even imprisonment.

Although you won’t end up in jail for vaping in the US, there are laws about outdoor and indoor vaping to adhere to. In New York and California, vaping follows the same restrictions as smoking with smoke-free laws in place.

The laws across the globe are constantly changing so make sure you find up-to-date information. Look out for English language vaping forums for the country that you are travelling to.

If you really need a nicotine fix in a country where e-cigarettes are banned, pack some nicotine gum or patches.

• Vaping-friendly countries

There are a number of countries where vaping can get you into jail….but on the flipside there are many other countries which have fully embraced vaping as an effective way of giving up tobacco smoking.

48.5 million Europeans have tried e-cigarettes (12% of the total population), so there is a good awareness there. Awareness in Greece is highest with 98.7% of the population knowing about e-cigarettes. In the UK, awareness is also high, with the National Health Service (NHS) promoting vaping as a highly effective way of giving up smoking.

Even if a country is vaping-friendly - you still need to check regulations before you go. Most European countries have vaping regulations, but bans are uncommon - the main focus in Europe is on restricting the sale and use of e-cigarettes for those under 18 years old.

• E-Liquid on flights

In 2006, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) banned all liquids and aerosols over 100ml from all commercial flights as a result of the ‘liquid bomb plot’. At the time it was a big change and meant re-thinking how we packed our bags before a flight. Today we don’t think anything of spending that extra time in the security queues - it has become part of air travel.

Make sure that your e-liquid is transported in a 100ml bottle and if you need to take more e-liquid, fill a larger bottle and store it in your checked luggage.

If you will need to buy e-liquid at your destination research where you can buy it from before you go (if the country allows vaping).

• Be mindful of your surroundings

Until the rest of the world stops seeing vaping in the same category as as smoking, then you need to respect the systems in other countries.

The country you are visiting might allow vaping, but it is still polite to remember vaping etiquette.

General good manners include not vaping in enclosed spaces like elevators and waiting rooms. It is polite to avoid vaping in any crowded area and seeking quiet locations to take an e-cigarette break. Don’t vape in eating areas, even if outside, as the different vaping smells can impact the senses of those who are eating.

Finally, if you have travelled abroad to work, check with your colleagues or clients before vaping. Some offices have a designated area for vapers, like a roof terrace - and this may create chances to network, socialise and clinch that deal.

Remember that you are representing the vaping community when you travel and by being conscientious you can have a trouble free time away!