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Traveltech startup Hotelmize celebrates success delivering big data solutions in WTM London

Traveltech startup Hotelmize celebrates success delivering big data solutions in WTM London

The Hotel booking industry is a highly competitive space where optimal performance is greatly rewarded. Hotelmize unique Technology is making this more simple for clients, on average saving them $72 per booking, with their B2B revenue optimization platform. They track & analyze reservations from the moment of booking until check-in. Thanks to their tested room mapping and price prediction technology, they generate higher profits from existing sales volume by re-shopping the bookings at its ideal price point.

This gives the Hotel booking industry a massive opportunity to increase profit from the vast amount of hotel inventory they have access to. The travel tech startup Hotelmize is delivering big data solutions taken from the financial markets for the booking industry that continues to win remarkable reviews from users. The whole system works in the background for booking agents on their own systems, keeping things seamless. In 2018, Hotelmize was used for over 850,000 bookings and 2019 is on pace to be even more successful. The company’s B2B hotel price predictor is certainly raising the bar in a very significant way for the entire industry.

“With our technology in place Travel companies can greatly increase their revenue,” commented Omry Litvak Co-founder & COO of Hotelmize. “This is truly a game-changer that can make a huge difference in a Travel company performance. We are happy to be disrupting the way things are done in a positive way, to the benefits of our clients.”

Tour operators, Wholesalers, Bedbanks, OTA’s and many other professionals in the Travel industry can see black and white benefits to Hotelmize. Since 2018, it has resulted in over $16 million in savings from users with the total amount saved growing every day.

Hotelmize’s platform is fully automated, making it an easy tool to take advantage of, giving users an edge without adding to their workload.

Hotelmize will be one of the new revenue management applications attending WTM 2019, also the International Travel Tech Show taking place in London on the 4th of November.

Are you a travel company selling hotels? Interested in higher profits? Book a meeting with Hotelmize in WTM London sending an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)