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Travel/Tourism URL placed For Sale

Travel/Tourism URL placed For Sale

Today, Michael J. Gilgan, owner of announced that the travel/tourism sector domain name is being made available to qualified purchasers., he says, is the natural entry point into a cluttered competitive global tourism economy, with a clearly defined niche representing the largest season of the year, namely, the OffSeason.  Gilgan points to the huge desire of hospitality service providers world-wide to extract value from their routine downtimes by putting existing high-season infrastructure to work rather than having it lie unproductive during their offpeak.

“To activate growth during peak times requires massive capital outlays into facilities and infrastructure development.” He says.  “Conversely, during their offseason, tourism and hospitality providers are usually running well below capacity requiring only marketing spends in key markets with an enticing offer to grow their market.” 

Gilgan explains that the term offseason is a “sleeper term”. It is used regularly around the world in general conversations about tourism, travel and hospitality. “It’s a sleeper term because it remains transparent in conversation says Gilgan. “We have all used the term, but after we become aware of it as a concept, developing a ‘sensory acuity’ for it, it takes on new, bigger, broader meaning making it ideal for development as a popular term.”

Further, he says: “OffSeason, in the global tourism economy, is largely underutilized. It’s the uncharted territory in a world of packaged sameness. For some OffSeason is a break from the heat, or the cold or the crowds. Yet for yet others it is a time of discounts and value.”

The current platform has been developed for its broad potential. Some SEO and search positioning work has been done, an illustrative infrastructure has been created and a Venere affiliate bookings system agreement has been activated to provide content for SEO and demonstrative visuals.  The existing format is by no means the final model Gilgan would develop. “There is a format that can be developed, that captures the imagination of the offseason customer. It will likely be highly innovative, catering to the psychographic preferences of the niche. The platform is an opportunity to develop a new category of travel and tourism.”

Gilgan offers no apology for the nominal infrastructure development the site has had. “SEO is important, so that has been done. But we’ve intentionally left it as a blank slate for a new developer. It’s been my experience that complicated client/supplier agreements trip-up development and hamper new growth.”

With it’s current development state, and with adequate capital, Gilgan speculates that can be a richly viable enterprise in the short term. “An established industry player can step into this with capital and capture the lions-share of this global niche. In a sense, it’s a new market category and it’s in one of the largest sectors on the internet: Travel and Tourism.

Interested parties can call Michael Gilgan at 250-571-6268 (Canada) or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)