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Travel and the new normal

Travel and the new normal

Delays, delays and more delays. These have and will become increasingly normal until the new normal approach to travel is actually confirmed and becomes more routine. Regardless of what travel will look like, we know it will not be the same as it was before. Testing, tracing, vaccinated or not, all these additional issues have been added to the new routines at airports around the world.

Many of us may not have noticed how big the international travel industry was, but global travel was worth $8 trillion before the pandemic. It also operated with many elements that we often took for granted but are very much at the forefront of how the industry will change. These include open borders, visa-free travel and ease of movement. The heart of global airline travel was making it comfortable, quick and enjoyable for flyers. This is likely to change as the world opens up.

Enjoy the Down Time
One thing that many of us can expect if we are travelling in airports across different countries is that our journeys are going to take longer. Whether this is because there are fewer flights or because of the necessary checks and balances that will be in place at each stop of the way, you will be spending more time in airports regardless.

Have something to do, like a book to read, or your favorite online games or if you are not in a queue, then spend the additional time walking. Walking up and down the airport is a great way to keep the body energized and prepare for the flight ahead.

Trips of a Lifetime
So many of us have had to forego our annual summer or winter holiday, the one we do every year with the family, and that has become as familiar as our trip to the grocery store. Instead, many travelers are considering far-flung destinations that they would not normally even think about because we have begun to question our ability to travel with ease in the future.

Many key destinations that have been hard hit by the pandemic have also used the down time to make their experience vacations even more exciting and unforgettable for returning tourists. Whether it is a safari trip to Africa, hiking an elusive mountain or trekking the jungles of a small tropical island, many travelers are now looking for immersive experiences that really engage the senses and are high-value trips.

Sustainable Travel
The pandemic may be an opportunity to reset the way we think about travel and getting to different places. CO2 emissions during 2020 were estimated to have dropped by 8% with reduced emissions and improvements in air quality being reported around the globe as a result of reduced travel, manufacturing and demands on the planet.

Many travelers are also thinking about their role in keeping their carbon footprints down and how they can travel in an ethical and sustainable way. Whether this means only travelling to locations that have a conservation imperative or using only environmentally friendly means of transport, there are many options available for the eco-traveler. Finding the right way to get to your perfect destination may have changed, but this could be the change for good if we do it right.