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Top casinos that are worth travelling for

Top casinos that are worth travelling for

People will travel the globe for any number of reasons: The eternal quest to see the most amazing sights including the seven wonders is an obvious driver. New experiences are behind all of our motives, whether it’s man-made tourist attractions, stunning new scenery or an aim to meet new people and new cultures.

Sporting tourism is also popular across the planet with major tournaments taking place throughout the year. Elsewhere, many like to travel to the world’s best casino locations and why not? Casino tourism ticks two distinct boxes with the ability to see a new location and, maybe win an eye-watering sum of money at the same time.

Many amazing casino locations exist but here are some of the best:

Las Vegas, Nevada
At the risk of sounding obvious, there really is only one place to start. There are heavy playing restrictions in most parts of the United States but Nevada is a clear exception. In order to gain new revenue following the Great Depression and the cost of the Hoover Dam, the State opened its doors to casino play and it’s been the most popular destination for players ever since.

Among the many notable establishments within the Las Vegas strip is the Wynn Encore. With a gaming floor in excess of 191,000 square feet, it’s simply the biggest casino in the region and it’s certainly one of the most spectacular. However, it’s the vast choice that helps to make Vegas the best attraction in the world. Other casinos to see on a visit here might include the MGM Grand, the Sunset Station and the Aria.

Salzburg, Austria
This may not be the most obvious choice as a top casino location but there are many reasons why Salzburg is vastly underrated. Firstly, those who want to combine their casino experience with the ability to find stunning natural scenery will find it hard to beat.

The focal point here is the Casino Salzburg which is also hosted in a stunning location. Architectural delights are another part of the city’s appeal but it’s not all about sightseeing. Two additional gaming locations are here - the Concord Card Casino and the Alpen Casino. All three options are highly rated by experienced players and the choice of games is outstanding.

Available games will vary within those three locations but players can expect to find traditional slot machines, Megaways Slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat and much more.

London, England
London is one of the oldest casino locations in the world and while flashy new resorts may have taken some of its custom away, it retains plenty of interest. Tradition plays a big part in the appeal of London casinos so remember to check to see if there is a strict dress code before you attend.

Included in a long list of top locations in England’s capital city are the Mayfair Casino, the Hippodrome Casino and the Grosvenor Victoria.

When in London, the list of attractions is endless and those who can bear to drag themselves away from the casino floor could enjoy a night at a West End Theatre. Sporting events, great restaurants and some incredible man made tourist sights are among the best that London has to offer.

Macau, China
Many serious casino players rate Macau as highly as Las Vegas so it’s clearly a location that we should be taking seriously. What is certain is that few would argue that this is the best destination in Asia with long stretches of stunning casinos right across the area.

Gaming tourism is taken very seriously here and Macau is also a hub for sports iGaming with greyhound racing included as one of the locals’ favourite pastimes. As for the best casinos in the city, opinion may be divided but first time tourists should look to check out the Macau Palace, the Galaxy Waldo and the Lisboa Casino.

Monte Carlo, Monaco
For years, Monte Carlo has been seen as the ultimate playboy destination with its luxury yachts, its high profile Formula One Grand Prix and, some of the most glamorous casinos in the world. It’s certainly been a favourite haunt of James Bond throughout his film career but it’s also a preferred destination for many non-fictional characters too.

Monte Carlo is generally considered to be a location for those with higher budgets and that may well be the case. For those that can stretch to a once in a lifetime gaming trip, the best casinos in the area include the Casino de Monte Carlo and the Casino Cafe de Paris.

Nassau, Bahamas
When it comes to identifying exotic locations, few can match the delights of the Caribbean. With its white sands and deep blue seas, the region has much to offer in terms of entertainment and casino travel isn’t always associated with the many destinations situated here.

The exception to that general rule is Nassau which has been widely regarded as one of the best casino tourist locations in the world. Just a quick hop from Florida will see travelers land in a tropical paradise that includes the renowned Atlantis Resort and Caribbean Adventure casinos.

Casino tourism will continue to flourish in the future and the demand will stay high. There are so many locations to choose from around the world and the above are right up there with the very best.