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Guidelines for safety as corporate travel restarts

Guidelines for safety as corporate travel restarts

For over a year, corporate travel has been on pause. On average, 1.3 million business trips are taken everyday in the United States alone. This large number of travelers has experienced life changing transformations in their daily schedule. What once used to be time spent on the road is now time spent at home. From some corporate employees, this change offered a much needed reprieve. For others, travel was a perk of the job that was greatly missed. In many cases, corporate travel is on the rise again. With people itching to meet face to face with their clients and coworkers, the corporate travel industry is gaining momentum. Although there is exciting progress that has led to this shift, it still remains extremely important that people take safety precautions while on the go. In this article, we will share guidelines for safety as business people hit the road.

1. Opt for Short-Term Rentals
One of the major pandemic-related shifts is that many travelers are choosing to rethink their typical accommodations. If you are a worker who frequently visits the same destination, your company is likely looking for a rental space that can accommodate you during your trip. These short term rental agreements, like those found on, can often save both time and money when compared to a hotel. With exposure and safety being top of mind, these opportunities offer guests the ability to have their own space.

2. Travel By Car When Possible
In most cases, airplane transportation is necessary in order to make a trip time-effective. When you can, opt to take a roadtrip. Many companies are now dividing their accounts by region so that account managers are not forced to travel the globe to visit their clients. Although this is irrelevant in some cases, there are often many accounts that are within a five hour radius of your place of business. If a client falls within this radius, it is simple to visit them via automobile. This small shift may require additional time on the road but it reduces the amount of exposure that you are getting on an airplane. If possible, try to rotate between car and plane travel so that you can get adequate breaks in order to identify any symptoms that you may be experiencing.

3. Meet Wisely
Once you come face to face with your client, it is important to have guidelines in place to keep the meeting safe. The ability to meet in-person now seems like a wonderful opportunity for connection. There should be no more closed-door meetings in tight spaces or large group gatherings where people are packed side by side. Conduct meetings in outdoor event spaces if a large crowd is expected. Meet with open doors or in outdoor courtyards whenever it is a viable option. This small tweak can make a huge difference.

The pandemic has caused many people and corporations to rethink their travel protocols. Although it is exciting to see that corporate travel is on the rise, there are many precautions that must be taken to ensure safety for all parties involved. From short-term rentals to outdoor meeting spaces, there are safe ways that you can connect with your business partners.