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Thirteen years transforming Jorge Chávez International Airport

Thirteen years transforming Jorge Chávez International Airport

In the 13 years since Lima Airport Partners took charge of the concession of Jorge Chávez International Airport in Callao, Peru, Peruvians have witnessed its transformation into a global transport hub. Here Breaking Travel News traces its journey.

Jorge Chávez International Airport, the main airport in Peru, has become an internationally recognised terminal – know for both its security and efficiency. Last year the airport welcomed a total of 14,908,772 passengers, up from just over four million when Lima Airport Partners took over in 2001.

The airport has also won the World Travel Awards trophy for South America’s Leading Airport for the past five consecutive years. A real mark of its world class quality.

Jorge Chávez International Airport

JChIA was officially inaugurated on December 30th, 1965. At that time it was considered one of the most modern in Latin America for its award-winning architecture. However, during the next thirty-five years its facilities were not refurbished and major investments in maintenance and modernisation did not take place. As a result, JChIA was unable to preserve its status in the region.

For this reason, the Peruvian government granted JChIA in concession to LAP for a period of thirty years. The government established that a strong investment in infrastructure and equipment, irrespective of the passenger volume arriving at the airport, should take place over an initial period of eight years.

In this context, LAP began to renovate JChIA’s deeper structures: electrical, sanitary, and communications facilities, as well as mechanical equipment (baggage belts, elevators, and escalators). JChIA needed to be prepared to sustain the great transformation lying ahead. At the same time, all risks to operational security were resolved by enhancing security in facilities, cleaning debris and garbage on the platform to minimise avian and animal risks, and retiring all asbestos linings using the most advanced environmental techniques, among other measures.


From 2001 to December 2013, total investments carried out by LAP amounted to $324 million. Additionally, LAP has transferred more than $1,234 million to the Peruvian government in concession fees, transfers to other government entities, and taxes.

It is important to highlight that the concession fees mentioned above amount to 47 per cent of LAP’s total gross income. In other words, for each dollar invoiced, 46.50 cents are transferred to the government, which uses an important portion of these funds for the modernisation of other airports around the country.

Additionally, LAP transfers 50 per cent of the total amount invoiced for landing and take-off services at JChIA, as well as 20 per cent of collections from the Unified Tariff for Airport Use to Corpac S.A.

Moreover, the government agency responsible for the surveillance of public-use transportation infrastructure (OSITRAN) receives one per cent of LAP’s gross revenues as regulatory fee.


At the beginning of the concession, in 2001, JChIA had a 39,467-square meter terminal and a 165,000-square meter platform. Currently, the terminal and platform cover 86,194 and 373,792 square meters, respectively, that is, more than twice the original areas.

Today, LAP is capable of managing a 3,507-meter-long runway, six baggage belts for international flights, 28 departure lounges, 30 migration positions at the international arrivals area, 16 migration positions at the international departures area, and more than 100 commercial spaces, including outlets, restaurants, and service providers.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has initiated a gradual delivery of lands to LAP for the modernization of JChIA. LAP will carry out the necessary engineering studies to design and build a second runway and a modern terminal, with a view to ensure efficiency, security, and modernity.

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