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Things to avoid when traveling

Things to avoid when traveling

When traveling, you’ll hear a lot about the things you should do, including several best practices. You might hear about places to stay, things to do, and what to pack. But there are also plenty of things to avoid doing while on the road. By avoiding these typical travel mistakes, you can make your trip smarter and cheaper.

Avoid Eating Near Major Tourist Sites
Of course, you’ll likely want to see significant attractions while on your trip, but it’s best to plan your sightseeing, so you don’t have to get food near those places. That food might not taste great, and the cost will likely be significantly more. Restaurants in these places know their customers are just passing through and won’t return anyway. They don’t have as much incentive to offer excellent quality. But local restaurants do need to provide better food, so locals continue patronizing them. Try walking several blocks away from the touristy location to get better tasting and cheaper food. If you don’t want to walk into just any food place, try looking on review sites to find the best options.

Avoid Exchanging Money at the Airport
When traveling, you will want to exchange your money somewhere besides the airport to avoid bad exchange rates. Instead, you could use a credit card or ATM once you are away from the airport or city. That will give you a better rate, ensuring you do not get cheated. It is best to avoid exchanging money if you don’t have to. The only exceptions are emergencies, like if your credit card or ATM does not work. In that case, you might do so at a downtown bank. That way, you’ll pay fewer fees and get the best rates.

Don’t Make Common Financial Mistakes
One of the more common financial mistakes when traveling is not planning ahead of time how you’ll pay for the trip in its entirety. You’ll want to try to save as much money ahead of time as you can to put toward the trip. Still, you might find that you don’t have enough in savings by the time you are ready to leave. Instead of putting the costs on a credit card, which tends to have high-interest rates, consider taking out a personal loan. It lets you quickly get the money you need to enjoy your travel.

Another common mistake is using traveler’s checks. These come from the bank and have a particular value, allowing you to exchange them for cash, no matter where you are. In the past, it was a great way to access the necessary funds without carrying them around. But they aren’t as helpful today. You’ll also want to avoid prepaid ATM cards as well. The problem with them is the exchange rate that was valid when purchasing the funds might change by the time you are ready to spend. It is also best to avoid using banks that charge fees since plenty doesn’t charge anything. Look for a credit card that doesn’t have transaction fees to avoid surcharges.