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Explore Europe Waterways with Iconic Nicol Boat Holidays

Explore Europe Waterways with Iconic Nicol Boat Holidays

For more than five decades, Nicols prides itself as an exceptional boat builder and holiday destination company. With a rising demand for river tourism, they offer a diverse collection of eye-catching vessels. The company started way back in 1986 as a Nadia group subsidiary. Then, they focused on plastic manufacturing. It was until years later that the company expanded to become one of the leading boating holidays service providers in France. At the moment, Nicols runs close to 20 naval bases within France.

Nicols Success Journey
Back in 1964 at Freeland, Frank Nichols left the family boat-making company known as Hood River Oregon. With his family, he moved to Whidbey Island and tried his hand on small boats. It was not easy to feed his11 children on the meager earnings from a growing business. However, he did not give up and involved the whole family in building boats for the clients.

Currently, Nicols boosts close to sixty years of experience both in the private and commercial sectors. Mostly, the brand specializes in multiple sister ships and customized vessels. Among their most treasured creations include landing craft, pilot boats, fishing vessels, tour boats, passenger ferries, research ships, yachts, dinner boats, overnight cruise vessels, car ferries, and many others.

From the inauguration, the company has developed close to 200 new water vessels. This does not count thousands of other boats undergoing alterations and repairs. Some of the popular makeovers include the 1996 built-Finest. This project took six months at a fee of $5.5 million. Others include the Washington State fleet of Ferries which lasted 14 months and dozens of skilled labor.

It is worth noting that NBBB closely works with the owner and specific boat design firm for a perfectly done job. Another major factor to the success lies in the workforce. Up to 20% of the employees have successfully worked in the company for more than 20 years. This ensures that the company offers splendid performance from highly qualified personnel.

As a tradition, Nicols coach and invest in the incoming shipbuilding generation. Among the extensive and knowledgeable training given include the Washington Certified Apprentice Program. This approach ensures that the company remains resilient for decades to come.

In 2018, Ice Floe LLC bought the company in a bidding public sale at $9.2million. This happened after the company filed for bankruptcy because of several lawsuits and other reasons. Nevertheless, the new owner retained the original name as a business tactic.

Why you Should Hire Nicols for Boat Riding
Renting Nicol’s boats exposes one to the biggest waterways networks in Europe. From the Berlin gates to the Mecklenburg great lakes, Nicols ensures that the passengers explore Germany’s diverse breathtaking landscapes.

There is an option of hiring a boat for a week, weekend, or a couple of days to 24 diverse locations across Europe. Some of the most preferred holiday packages include stylish canal boats, onboard spacious, and canal boat holidays.

Note that it is possible to cruise from the serene Grande Lago location in Portugal. Then you can board a canal boat from Holland to take you through the historical sites and tiny ancient old villages. For unforgettable experiences, explore Amsterdam, Gouda, Maastricht, and Utrect with Nicols. There, you get a chance to bask in the clean sandy beaches or cycle along the towpaths.

Do not forget to visit Tokaj in Hungary. This is a well-distinguished region for wine production. Get ready to engage in plenty of fishing, swimming, and nature viewing along River Tisza.  Bear in mind that Nicols vessels comfortably fit between 2 to 12 passengers.

Last Shot
Nicols have brought a breath of fresh air to river tourism. From a well-skilled crew and elegant vessels, visitors enjoy viewing some of the hidden gems in European waterways. Besides, it gives a chance to ride on Sixto Green which is the first electric boat running without a license. Amazingly, you can enjoy a heated pool and bring your pets aboard too.