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The most expensive holiday destinations in the world revealed

The most expensive holiday destinations in the world revealed

Travel can be a costly business, depending on where in the world you’re visiting. While there are some destinations that can be enjoyed for a relative pittance, there are some which only the very wealthy can reach. But what are the most expensive destinations in the world, when you factor in everything from transport, to accommodation, to eating out?

The costs involved are so complicated that it’s difficult to say with any certainty whether one lavish resort is definitely more expensive than another. But some light has been poured over the situation in the form of a new report from Hoppa, which outlines where the most expensive destinations are. Here, everything is factored in: from medical costs to currency exchanges.

To cut a long story short, Grand Cayman is the most expensive place to visit in the world, averaging at around £459.58 per day. At the other end of the spectrum, Antalya has supplanted Manila as the cheapest place to stay, with a single night costing just £63.79 per person.

Let’s take a look at how the report broke things down in every category.

Food and Drink
For many of us, the cost of alcohol represents a significant chunk of our holiday expenditure. When it comes to the average cost of supermarket wine, Qatar weighs in near the top at nearly thirty pounds per bottle. Just behind is Indonesia, followed by Hong Kong. Given that this is the price of supermarket wine, you might be forgiven for thinking that restaurant wine would be roughly thrice the price.

Bear in mind that in Muslim-majority countries, there’s little demand for wine (or alcohol of any kind), which makes the price of it accordingly higher. Thus, you’ll find a similar story for wine, beer and cocktails – though these things can still be bought by tourists.

If you prefer something caffeinated every morning, then you’ll want to avoid Abu Dhabi, where coffee is £5.68. Just behind in second place is Copenhagen, which may surprise holidaymakers, especially given that Oman, Qatar, Grand Cayman and the UAE make up the rest of the top ten.

The most expensive hotels are to be found in Grand Cayman. There, a single night can set you back £282 – and if you go for the luxury options, it can be considerably more. Abu Dhabi, New York, Dubai and Las Vegas make up the rest of the top five, which means that the USA and the UAE are among the most expensive places to stay. With that said, in the former case there are plenty of other options for tourists looking to keep things thrifty, and venture a little from the beaten track.

Getting from place to place is among the hidden costs of travelling. While it’s easy to tot up the cost of big journeys like flights, those taxi trips from the restaurant to the hotel to the airport can quickly rack up if you’re taking them several times a day. A five-mile taxi ride in Zurich will set you back £30, which is higher even than the equivalent in the Cayman Islands and Tokyo.

Medical Care
Of course, few of us envision a trip to the doctors as part of our holiday plans. But sometimes, such trips are unavoidable. For the purpose of comparison, the report looked at the cost of a ‘short visit to the doctor’ and a pack of antibiotics. The most expensive place to get medical care is the United States, which boasts four of the top five most expensive cities: Los Angeles at number one, New York at number three, Honolulu at number four, and San Francisco at number five. So, if you’re looking to visit the USA, it’s worth taking a look at your insurance options.