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Rent a boat easily with SamBoat

Rent a boat easily with SamBoat

Do you need a Boat rental France? Or do you own a boat that you want people to rent it?

Imagine renting a boat, and go wherever you want, no one can stop you. Sometimes there are places that you can only reach with a boat, cause impossible to reach by land. Or you can discover places (like secret beaches or sea caves) that are impossible to see if you don’t have a boat.

Well with SamBoat you can do both things.

You can choose your boat, they have more than 40000 boats in Europe and around the world. You will find the best solutions for you, just with a few clicks.
You can rent a catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, and way more.

If you don’t have a license, you can easily ask for a skipper. You will find competent skippers that are willing to bring you wherever you want.

You have different options; you can rent a boat for several days (if you want to go on a vacation) or you can just rent it for one day.

Samboat offers you:
• Best Price Guaranteed:
The largest fleet in Europe at your service at a price up to 40% cheaper.

• SamBoatCommunity:
Verified through a careful user and ad validation system.

• Secure payment:
Our payment management system allows 100% secure transfers and automated deposit management.

• Assistance service:
A team of experts available 7/7.

If you own a boat and you want to rent it, SamBoatgives you the chance to do it on its website in 5 easily steps:
1. Place your free ad: Place your ad free of charge with no obligation in just a few clicks. Add the details of the boat, its price, its availability, as well as some beautiful photos and you’re all set.
2. Choose the right renter: When you receive a booking request, choose to accept, or refuse a tenant based on their experience (nautical CV) and their previous reviews.
3. Meet with your renter: The day of the rental, you take inventory of the boat and then sign the rental contract provided by SamBoat. Hand over the boat to the renter and share your useful tips on the area of navigation.
4. Receive the payment: You are assured of being paid once the rental is completed thanks to a secure payment. Also, the deposit can be managed online, thanks to a credit card pre-authorization.
5. Leave a review: At the end of the rental, make sure that everything went well and examine the state of the boat on site. Finally, leave a review on the client.

They always invite people to leave a review, so that other people can live they’re experience by reading a review. It’s always reassuring find other people that before you lived the same experience, and they have a good memory of it. In fact, more than 91000 users left their review in SamBoat, writing about their experience with the website.

So, after reading all this, the only things that remains to do, is to rent a boat on SamBoat. You will not regret it.