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New visa rules every Indian passport holder should know about

New visa rules every Indian passport holder should know about

Are you planning on taking a trip abroad sometime soon? There are a number of countries to which Indian passport holders can travel and enter without a visa, most countries do require a visa, be it one with a prior application or visa on arrival. If you are visiting one of those countries where you need a visa, it is a good idea to look into the revised new visa regulations to ensure that you get your visa approved in no time.

This is exciting news for people who want to visit the stunning country with its beautiful beaches and temples, as Indians are now allowed drive to Myanmar without special land permission. Simply identity proof and e-visa have to be displayed at the entry check post. This makes it so much easier for people who like to take cross country road trips.

Romantic dreams of visiting Paris are closer to becoming a reality now with this new rule which will save so much hassle. People holding Indian passports no long have to obtain airport transit at the international zone for any airport that they need to use for their transit to France.

For short term stay in Japan or multiple-entry visa, Indian passport holders now simply need to produce valid documents of affiliation with the employer for work, and for tourists, just a proof of financial stability and correctly filled visa application with a recent photo.

A popular destination for working Indians, UAE is now offering a 10 years visa to highly skilled professionals, exceptional students of medicine, science and research and big investors. This has been done in a bid to facilitate the growing number of Indian skilled professionals who are choosing this vibrant and country for their work. Between 15th July to September 15th every year, dependents under 18 can get free visa to visit the country.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has made history by relaxing its visa rules to allow women of 25 and above to travel to the country without a male companion. They are gradually working towards making the country a better place for women to work and live in, or travel to by introducing gender-based equality, albeit small steps at once.

If you are planning on visiting the spectacular African wilderness of Zimbabwe, you can now do so without waiting for your visa application and approval, as they are now offering Indian passport holders visa on arrival which saves so much work and time.

Now Indian passport holders travelling to Israel under the B2 category visa for business meeting, conference or tourism can visit this beautiful country steeped with history and culture, along with excellent food by paying a visa fee of only INR 1,100 instead of the earlier INR 1,700.

Visa refusal is something which a lot of people complain about, but more often than not, it is mostly the due to something amiss in the application. It is important to understand that visa rules for different countries and citizens are different. For example, Indian visa for US citizen has different regulations than US visa for Indian citizen. If you follow all the necessary regulations and pass the requirements you will get your visa easily.