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5 Reasons to Visit Bogota In 2019

5 Reasons to Visit Bogota In 2019

Bogota is the capital city of Columbia and is often skipped over by many visitors as they head towards other famous towns within the country like Medellin, Cali, and Cartagena. However, the truth is that Bogota deserves more recognition as something more than a mere stopover when exploring other famous Latin American destinations. Spend some quality time there, and you will soon realize that the city has plenty of magic and charm. It slowly reveals an appealing pull of quirky cafes, vibrant culture, art-strewn local streets, and an incredible urban cycling environment. Below are the top five reasons to visit Bogota in 2019.

1) The City Has Spectacular Street Art
Some cities like London, Montreal, and Sao Pauly are famous for their unique street art. However, Bogota is also a very artsy city, with many international artists gathering to its vibrant streets to continue contributing to this thriving culture. Visiting Bogota will show you that the city goes beyond accepting art; instead, it enthusiastically encourages it with beautiful commissioned pieces across neighborhoods. A great example is La Candelaria, the oldest neighborhood in the city, where buildings are covered in colorful artworks.

2) Explore The City On Your Bike
Columbia’s capital has a unique event that is held every Sunday called the Ciclovia. It is the kind of stuff that urban cyclists daydream about in their own cities. Ciclovia clears all the car traffic from the roads, even in the central business district and allows cyclists to use the tarmac. Besides cycling, you can also participate in other activities like free aerobic and yoga classes, dog walking, rollerblading, and jogging among others.

3) Feast On Tasty Gourmet Pleasures
Bogota’s restaurant industry is renowned for its wide range of delicious and cheap menus. The city has the most diverse style of foods that will fit any budget. From quirky cafes to modern cafes where leading Colombian chefs are experimenting and creating amazing dishes with international techniques and traditional ingredients, Bogota is an excellent destination for tasty food. Some of the notable dining spots are found around the vibrant La Candelaria neighborhoods.

4) Check Out The Fantastic Views On Cerro De Monserrate
A famous landmark in Bogota, Cerro de Monserrate, is loved by both locals and visitors alike. You can use either the funicular railway or cable cars to get up to the top of the mountain. If you are looking for something more adventurous, you could opt to hike up to reach the viewpoint. Whichever option you use to ascend, you will be greeted with a stunning panoramic view of the city below.

5) Vibrant Fruit Markets
Bogota’s fruit markets are a great highlight of a visit to the city. Head to the local market where you will find a colorful collection of exotic fruits available to sample or buy. It is a delicious way to experience the culture alongside the friendly locals. Most locals and vendors are excited to explain the unique fruits and allow you to discover a new palette of rich flavors.