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Making dreams come true – best property listings in UAE

Making dreams come true – best property listings in UAE

Estate still holds its first place among most favorable types of assets today, thanks to a mature market and stable economy in UAE. Many investors are looking at dynamically developing Emirates, as country’s economy has successfully coped with recent economic difficulties and its industries such as retail trade, construction and tourism industry represented promising results. Preparing for one of the most significant global events – Expo 2020 – development trends across the states, especially Abu Dhabi, are exceptionally positive. That is why the lion’s share of UAE investors, both local and foreign, are trying to invest in real estate. Preparation for the exhibition requires the government to make significant investments in local infrastructure facilities, which increases attractiveness of local estate, whether it is housing, hotels or retail space.

Open UAE for yourself with YzerProperty
It is almost impossible to describe all existing advantages of living in dynamically developing Arab Emirates. Meet this amazing country yourself, but do not forget to find only best property listings on On this page, we have prepared some special UAE property offers for you.

YzerProperty team will help you to find the best housing variants of Dubai or accommodation in other emirates on favourable terms with additional offers and out of any risks for you. Due to our professional staff efforts, there will be nothing easier for you than renting or acquiring estate in UAE – from large office spaces and luxurious cottages to affordable apartments.

Life in UAE usually attracts people who aim at success, who want to be in the middle of action, enjoy the comfort, live in safety and expect the future with confidence. If you need to find a place for temporary living in Emirates, YzerProperty experts can help you find rental properties according to your needs.

Want to know what does it mean to live “high” in Dubai? The best way to find it out is to buy or rent a luxurious villa in Dubai’s coastal area, and we have prepared some unique offers for you. Remember, buying villa in UAE is not only a wise investment – it is also the best indicator of your high social status.

Your profits of buying UAE property
Current trends show us, that cost scale of Dubai housing is significantly lower than in other major global real estate markets. Do not waste the moment – the market’s price indicators can start growing in the nearest future and in a few years, [G14] the costs can come close to the European and North American rates. Nevertheless, despite the possible rise in UAE prices of estate property, the scale of housing costs in some areas, for instance, is notably lower than in other global markets of property.

Foreign buyers get a double advantage when purchasing estate – all foreign private investors have the opportunity to get a residence permit for free to live in the Arab Emirates. To be precise, when buying an object for a certain price rate you have the right to receive a so-called resident visa. Can you only imagine – getting a new home in one of the richest countries will also bring you a citizenship to enjoy all the possibilities to fullest extent. After all, United Arab Emirates eliminated any state income taxes. This significantly increases the estate investment profitability.  Live your life at its highest – find your new home in UAE with YzerProperty.