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A New Trend in Luxury Medical Tourism By The Holistic Sanctuary

A New Trend in Luxury Medical Tourism By The Holistic Sanctuary

The world of medicine is constantly evolving, new practices and treatment are created for various conditions every single day just to make life better. Medical tourism which entails people traveling from a country of residence to other countries, to seek medical help has made a great impact on the world by creating different trends.

Recent global trends in medial tourism includes rehab and detox, cosmetic dentistry, IVF treatments and commercial, medical Ibogaine and even LASIK eye surgeries. A lot of people participate in this trend simply because the medical procedures are not available in their country or it is very costly, and their insurance doesn’t cover it, but there is more to it.

For the luxury market, people have their own reasons for travelling abroad and pursuing exclusive experiences. It is the convergance between Advanced Alternative Healing and safety aspects of traditional emergency medicine that makes for a revolutionary concept in healing.

The Holistic Sanctuary
The Holistic Sanctuary is a holistic healing resort founded by Johnny “The Healer” Tabaie. It has totally redefined the concept of luxury medical detox. The Holistic Sanctuary is located on the Pacific coast and has become one of the top places for medical tourism.

There are so many resorts with the presence of spas and on-site doctors but what sets The Holistic Sanctuary apart and, at a higher standard is the incorporation of medical practices that are not available anywhere in the world, combined with the luxuries offered in the resort.

The facility is impressive, and the patients are catered for with a ratio of 5 staff to 1 patient, attending to their individual needs. There are also relaxation techniques and exercises available, like guided yoga, quad biking, fishing and the Reiki massage. Also available is a gym facing the sea and a hot tub that overlooks the ocean, this would help you relax as you get to better health.

Some very unique experiences this healing center has to offer:

●  Presence Of Different Treatments In One Location
Medical tourist often travels to places where their need for a particular medical practice can be satisfied. At the Holistic Sanctuary, there are a variety of medical practices available under one roof. One of these practices is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, known to accelerate the healing process of a particular condition by the introduction of oxygen in the system.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment typically entails the delivery of oxygen at a relatively higher pressure to the body. This is possible using a hyperbaric chamber. This treatment allows the pressure in the body increase and usually lasts for over 60-90 minutes.
HBOT has been found reliable in the treatment of various conditions that require the factors like increased levels of oxygen to reduce antibiotic properties for treatment to be effective.

Whereas HBOT is primarily used for rapid recovery for patients who are on a nutrient rich diet, the scope can be much wider. Some of the various conditions that are treatable for example include Diabetes, Anaemia, Necrotic Infections, Thermal burns, Decompression sickness, Carbon monoxide (Co) poisoning, Skin grafts, and flaps.
Others that are also treatable but are usually not covered by insurance are Autism, Stroke, Brain Injury, Migraine, Lyme disease and Cerebral palsy.

If you do proper research, you will find that the treatment for these conditions is linked to the pressure of gases in the air. You should also pay attention to the fact that some of these conditions have to do with infections that disfigure or eat up various tissues in the body.

While HBOT is being performed on a patient, it is usually normal to feel a sensation similar to that felt when landing or flying an airplane. The patient lays down in the chamber and, the pressure is increased to the desired levels suitable for treatment of a particular condition.
What happens during the process of administering this treatment is the saturation of the patient’s circulatory system with oxygen. This will then increase the delivery of oxygen to various tissues in the body.

When the saturation of the circulatory system occurs, the following takes place;
It increases the oxygen levels in all tissues. This not only treats certain conditions but also increases the activities of the cell in the body.
It also creates a tight defensive system. The increased cell activity also helps the white blood cells in working against infections and diseases.

After this treatment, the pressure in the chamber is reduced. This reduction in pressure causes the chamber to be cooler and helps in relaxing the patient. Most patients often go through this process relaxed and happy; some even go through it watching television.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is one of the new and effective practices used in the treatment of certain conditions. It is typically administered under medical supervision. It is a painless and safe practice.

●  Pouyan Healing System
There is also an opportunity to experience the famous “Pouyan” healing protocol by Johnny Tabaie; this includes a non-GMO diet, IV therapy, Medical Ibogaine where appropriate as well as HBOT treatment. It is fast becoming one of the most popular ways that Americans fight back against the current opioid crisis: the Pouyan healing system.

Non-GMO simply mean Non- genetically modified organisms. A NON-GMO diet would typically contain foods that have not been genetically engineered. It has been found that over 70% of the processed foods in the world are made from genetically engineered crops.
A NON-GMO diet is beneficial in the following ways;

●  It helps in keeping certain allergies at bay.
●  It enhances your immune system by allowing your body more effectively with skin parasites.
●  It improves your overall fitness and recovery process.
●  It strengthens your bones and makes you stronger.

Another unique feature about the Holistic Sanctuary is the presence of proprietary IV formulas which has raised a lot of curiosity around the world. Their philosophy, however, is that to aid complete recovery, a patient has to have the right nutrition.

Great service and safety first:
Many refer to the guidance they received at the facility as being directly from a Shaman. Yet the staff at the holistic sanctuary are well-educated doctors working hand in hand to provide the best treatment and quality care to patients from all over the world. There are also different staff who help you through exercising and setting you up for different activities.

Johnny Tabaie had this to say: “We aspire to offer the most powerful, holistic, natural, and effective healing methods in the world. Adding to this, we spared no expense to make available world-class facilities to support this”.

There are different health facilities and five-star resorts in the world. However there has never been a resort which such vital provisions for Medical tourism all in one, this is what makes his resort stand out. If you’re visiting for the first time, you should have in mind that you would be happy throughout your stay because you would be well catered for by compassionate staff and well-trained doctors who put your safety first before anything.