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Local tourism in Calgary: Escape games ranking high on the list

Local tourism in Calgary: Escape games ranking high on the list

Travelling to Calgary as part of your Canadian trip? Any visitors to the area – and even locals who need to take some time off their hectic daily routine and just blow some steam off should see this top recommendation from Tripadvisor – it is the best rated Escape room in Calgary. It is great for people looking to go on an adventure with friends and family and provides for an all-year round social experience that is indoors.  Escape games Calgary are the proud hosts of the amazing escape games that are sure to test your innate jail breaking skills. Designed just for the brave hearts, escape hour which has been rated as the top escape room in Calgary is definitely a favourite amongst daring players who want a hyper-realistic experience.

I am certain you may have heard of different kinds and themes of escape rooms or games and you may have tried playing a few; however, our specially designed rooms offer you a real- life gaming experience where you are trapped in a closed or locked room and you have to be smart and well-equipped with a skill or tactic in order to secure your escape. Unlike your average escape games, escape rooms in Calgary offer a variety of puzzles, locked rooms which you will need to open, quizzes, and quest rooms to overcome so as to get you a step closer to your final escape.

In order to kick your overall experience up a notch, we have few mind-blowing tricks up our sleeves at all times and just when you think you have gotten a hang of the game, you find yourself in another one of our quest rooms! To ensure players have a great time, we offer;

• Various exciting themes
• Different, difficult levels for you to choose from
• Top-notch customer service
• Available game masters who are dedicated to giving your group an amazing, safe experience
• Custom made designs based on your needs or specifications

Are you a space fan? Do you wish you could travel back in time? Hop on our space ship or get transported back to medieval times and get submerged in the amazingly detailed atmosphere, all designed to ensure maximum satisfaction for our players.

Why Escape games Calgary?
In escape hour they pride themselves on delivering 100% satisfaction and safety to players. Real life experiences are quite distinct from that of video games; however, with our escape games Calgary you are immersed in character and the adventures will definitely blow your mind. Do you have a little flair for detective movies or have you felt like solving a crime? With the Calgary escape games, you can choose your desired location, theme and we work on giving you the best experience.

The amazing characteristic of the escape games in Calgary is that players have to overcome realistic challenges in real time, in a real location and with a real team of individuals who you have to work with closely in order to advance to different levels. This is surely a huge upgrade from your old video games where you play in your tiny, dimly-lit room all alone. Escape game Calgary makes the entire gaming experience an utter bliss for you and your friends. It highlights your keen eye for detail and your ability to solve quests in the shortest possible time. You may still be a tad sceptical about Escape games Calgary; therefore, the only way to clear your doubts is to accept one of the challenges on offer and play! Go with the best rated Escape room in Calgary and be sure to share your experience with others.