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How to convert & resize travel video footage without quality loss

How to convert & resize travel video footage without quality loss

A big task that you will have after getting back from your trip will be uploading your videos to the internet. If you are not planning to use them online, you will still need to move them into files that can store and play them when you want. This is where compressing videos comes into play. One of the best programs for this purpose is the WinX Video Converter, which you can download free of charge.

Resizing and compressing is easy with this program. All you need to do is download it, wait for it to load, and then use the easy user interface to complete the tasks that you need done.

1. 4k Video- You will first need to move your video over to the program. You can grab and drop it, or you can use the menu in the program and import it. Either way, once the video is loaded you can begin working on it. The video needs to be converted into a smaller format. This can be easily done through the menu once the video has been added.

2. Format- Changing the format to what you need is entirely up to what the viewer is planning to watch it from. There are numerous settings within the program for you to choose from. You must first understand the basics of the terminology. MP4 formats are the ones used for videos. The MP4 Video is the most used because it can be played on almost any device. Feel free to play around with the settings if you want. What works for your cousin may not be the format that fits you.

3. Compression- These settings will make 4k video smaller by compressing it down to a size that works for viewing, such as 1080p/720p, according to Sprout Social. This is one of the most common size after compression, but once again feel free to adjust the settings to what works best for you. If people can view it on their favorite devices, you can use any size. This section of the process will also allow you to shorten or remove video segments that you do not want. This helps you perfect the video before it is ever seen by other people.

4. Run- Once you have adjusted all the settings and are done playing around with the options you will need to press the ‘run’ button. This allows the program to do what it was designed to do. It may take a little while to shorten and compress, but once it is done you will have a perfect video that is ready to be uploaded and viewed by others.

That is the basic way to reduce and compress your video files after you get home from a trip. It is suggested to use the settings that are listed above for each section, at least until you get to understand the way the different settings work. After you upload the video, make sure to go watch it on a different device, like a phone, so you can check to ensure that it is working properly. You also want to make sure that the quality of the video, that you can view, is as good as the original. If not, check your settings and adjustments and try it again.

If you are planning to make various sizes to upload, use the original for each one. Every time that you compress a video you will lose a tiny amount of quality. It is similar in that aspect as paper. You always use the original to make the copies, so you have the best quality possible.