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Hiring boats and having fun in Miami

Hiring boats and having fun in Miami

Located in Southeastern Florida sits one of the world’s best vacation spots, the coastal metropolis of Miami. It’s the place you go to fulfill your desire for beautiful weather and to party and have fun!

Boat hire with reputable platforms such as BorrowaBoat is leading the way, as the most popular transport and accommodation for visitors in Miami because.

● Guests have their own private accommodation to relax, cruise, and party with their closest.
● With numerous marinas on Miami’s shore, travellers have multiple places to dock up and explore different areas of Miami’s coast.
● Depending on the boat’s facilities and staff, everything from the stops on your journey to the food served can be tailored to meet your wants and needs.

To find out more about how hiring a boat means there’s more fun to be had in Miami, here are a few fun things you can do on your sea voyage.

Host a Boat Party
One of the ultimate ways to have fun in Miami is to party! So why not bring the party to you on your very own boat?

You can set the theme and dress code and organize the crew to arrange drinks and nibbles.

For privacy, you can also request the captain to take you further away from Miami’s shore, so you and your guests can be as lively as you wish.

Take a Dip
Journey out into the north Atlantic ocean, choose a spot you would like to swim, jump off the boat, and let the stress-boosting serenity of the ocean wash over you in a peaceful setting.

Deepsea Diving
Miami’s subtropical climate and warm ocean make this the best place for new and experienced divers to swim and explore.

Moreover, there’s an array of excellent scuba diving spots, which can only be reached by boat, such as;

Neptune Memorial Reef: 45 ft below the sea line lies the world’s first underwater graveyard, Neptune memorial reef. Here divers can see everything from benches to gates and plaques to statues.

Belzona barge: This is one of the best wreckages for novice divers because it’s in a shallow part of the ocean. The 215 feet Belzona barge, 35 ft below the surface, is home to sea turtles, stingrays, and lobsters.

Emerald Reef: A spectacular reef with excellent visibility makes this gem perfect for amateur divers.

The emerald reef is one of the biggest natural reefs in Miami. Here visitors can see an abundance of brain and pillar coral and a beautiful display of tropical fish. 

Due to shallow waters between Miami and Key Biscayne. Plus, numerous reefs and wrecks creating homes for marine life. The geography of Miami makes it one of the best places for fishing.

Considering sailing miles away from Miami shore into the depths of the ocean to begin your fishing excursion. Because here is where you could find a big catch, such as a Sailfish.

Thrill seekers and water babies will be keen to get active in the ocean in Miami. Some boats for hire have water toys onboard guests can play with, such as jet skis, paddleboards, and kayaks.

So, be sure to ask the boat owner ahead of the trip about onboard water sporting equipment. And whether they can supply some toys during your holiday.

Dinner Party
Some yachts are equipped with a galley, a deck for dining, and an onboard chef to take care of your dinner requests.

Equally, in other instances, if you hire hostesses, they will take care of decor, seating arrangements and wait on your table.

Alternatively, suppose you’re trying to keep costs low. In that case, you could always cook up a feast onboard using local produce for everyone to enjoy instead.

Visit Nearby Islands
Hiring a boat provides guests the freedom to explore the ocean and other islands away from the hustle and bustle of Miami South Beach.

A few islands to consider sailing to are;

Key Biscayne
The barrier island key Biscayne is south of Miami Beach and offers visitors an ideal place to enjoy the sun on its white sandy shores. Tour the local lighthouse. Or get active and cycle, rollerblade, and jog along the miles of pathways that offer stunning views of the sea.

Situated between Miami and Key West, Islamorada, aka the sportfishing capital in the world, is the go-to spot for fishing enthusiasts.

Key Largo
Among the Florida Keys, South of Miami is Key Largo, which offers the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, an excellent location for diving and snorkelling.

Relax and Do Nothing
Last but not least, hiring a boat doesn’t mean you have to block out every minute of your journey with activities. Instead, you can decide what to do as you go along, depending on how you feel.

And so, be it sipping cocktails and sunbathing on the top deck for the day. Cruising through the ocean and taking in the scenery, or venturing to a nearby island. At sea and onshore, Miami has a lot to offer. Therefore, holidaymakers are sure to enjoy their stay on board their boat and have fun no matter what they do.