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Cutting business travel expenses - is not science fiction anymore

Cutting business travel expenses - is not science fiction anymore

In a globalized world, where many companies serve clients worldwide, Business travel management is an important component of running a profitable company.

The ability of companies to recoup some of the costs, incurred through a comprehensive business benefit plan is becoming more important.

Before we begin, one must internalize one absolute fact, the volume of business travel increases each year and is not going to slow down.

Here are some facts about business travel nowadays;
• There are 445 million business trips every year. (Certify)
• Business travelers make up 12% of an airline’s passengers, but they represent 75% of the profit. (Investopedia, 2019)
• The global business travel market increased by 5.8% since 2016. (Global Business Travel Association, 2018)
• Self-reservation as part of company policy is essential for the modern traveler.
• Face-to-face requests are 34 times more powerful than a request sent over email (Harvard Business Review)
• Companies earn a cumulative $13 in revenue for every dollar spent on business travel.
• 80% of corporate travel executives believe that a standardized measurement system has a positive impact on corporate travel (ACTE).
• Self-booking and mobile bookings are growing.
• Business travel is expected to grow to $1.6 trillion in annual spending by 2020 (GBTA).

A leading company in the field of corporate travel is with a growing number of partners saving big on corporate travel. Offering its clients a cost reduction plan that works,

The Hopato business travel management solution, is a program that helps companies manage all business travel bookings, and track Employees’ expenses on flights, hotels, transportation services and car rental - all in one place.

The company leading position with major suppliers of Flights, Hotels, Car-Rental and Transfers gives their partners a clear edge in attractive prices throughout the year.

Hopato for Business provides a customized business travel management solution to help international companies manage and reduce their travel expenses.

The program is free and there is no monthly fee
Business partners receive revenue share for every booking placed on the Hopato’s website in all categories.

The solution is simple to use and suitable for large, medium or small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and more.

The management tool enables use of sub accounts, to allow businesses track orders from a number of factors in the organizations such as: Employees, departments, branches, internal/external agents, or any other organization booking sours.

Business partners also qualify for an excellent bonus plan that significantly reduces travel expenses, not in credit for another purchase, but money in the bank.

When planning a business trip independently or through the company, use the business travel management tool to save time and money.

Smart and easy to use.