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5 Must-taste Items on your food tour in Vietnam

5 Must-taste Items on your food tour in Vietnam

Are you a food enthusiast? Well, among the most significant consideration while striving to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle is observing what you eat. While new culinary skills and menu items continue to pop up now and then, among the world’s healthiest, mouthwatering, and interesting cuisines you should taste is Vietnamese cuisine. If you enjoy getting across nations and sampling varying cuisines, visiting and tasting Vietnamese cuisine is now easier than ever with the simplified Vietnam Visa application process.

With a few clicks on your favorite device, you can now apply for a Vietnamese visa online. Even better with the availability of Vietnam Visa on arrival, you can comfortably plan your itinerary to explore most of the Vietnamese cuisine. If a combination of noodles, seafood, beef, pork, fresh herbs, and greens sounds like you typical go-to, wait till you taste one of Vietnamese culinary selection. While on a food tour in Vietnam, here is a look at must-taste items that should be on your checklist.

Pho is one of the most popular Vietnamese cuisines traditionally served for breakfast. The flavored noodles meal also features soup made of various greens and meat. The typical side served with Pho is fermented fish (nuoc cham) or chili sauce. A typical Pho bowl ingredients include beef meatballs (bo vien), beef slices (tai), beef flank (nam), or pig stomach slices (sach) with greens such as mint, basil, cilantro, sprouts, lime wedges among other fresh herbs.

Egg coffee
You read it right, and as the name suggests, it is coffee made of eggs. This traditional Vietnamese drink features condensed milk, egg yolks, sugar and robusta coffee, a combination that kicks a healthy boost to your body. The delicious drink is popularly served in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital.

Banh Xeo
Banh Xeo features batter made from coconut milk with turmeric and rice flour filled with bean sprouts, pork strips, shrimp, and spring onions. Dipping the precisely fried Banh Xeo wrapped in rice paper roll into a sauce with every bite adds a delicate touch to the taste, making it among the must-taste bites while on a food tour in Vietnam.

Mi Quang
With its origin tracing back to Da Nang, Mi Quang is characterized by the yellow-colored rice noodles with a mixture of seasoned fish sauce, bone broth, shallot, garlic, black pepper, among other herbs and meaty ingredients. Examples of such meaty and herbs ingredients include river shrimp, banana flower, boiled quails eggs, coriander, basil, roast pork, peanuts, among others.

Com Tam
Traditionally served for breakfast or lunch, Com Tam (broken rice) is a healthy dish that should be on your checklist while on a food tour in Vietnam.  Com Tam is served with fried eggs, green onions, and toppings such as barbecued pork chop (suon muong) shredded pork skin (bi) and steamed pork and egg patty (cha trung) among other meats. Like most Vietnamese cuisines, it also features greens and herbs as well as a Vietnamese dipping sauce.

Taking a food tour exposes you to a new cuisine variety, not to mention rich cultures across the globe. With the easy Vietnam Visa application process, you no longer have an excuse to miss out on the most robust cuisine Vietnam has to offer.