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Breaking Travel News investigates: Griffin Survivor Power Bank

All long-haul travellers will be familiar with the fear of running out of power; landing at an airport and ready to book a taxi only to see your phone die at the crucial moment.

Or how about crouching next to a spare socket on the arrivals lounge, waiting as your tablet charges for a few precious moments?

Not very dignified!

Serious help is now at hand from Griffin Survivor Power Bank.

With a 10,050 mAh charging capacity and rugged protection, it is the only backup battery for smartphones and tablets you’ll ever need.

Tested to military standard 810G, Griffin Survivor Power Bank provides up to 6.6 foot drop protection and impact resistant defence from falls on hard surfaces like concrete.

It’s also designed for an IP66 rating to protect against water damage and dust particles.

A self-sealing flap keeps the battery’s charge and power ports and built-in LED emergency flashlight clean and dry at all times.

The device recharges via micro-USB and offers up to five full charges for an iPhone or iPad.

It would have to be some serious journey for you to run out of power with this device in your back-pocket.

What’s more it sleek, svelte design makes it attractive on the eye; an all-round winning product. 

It is also guaranteed for life.

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