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Breaking Travel News investigates: Voilà from Wistiki

Breaking Travel News investigates: Voilà from Wistiki Voilà from Wistiki is seeking to become a 2016 'must-have'

Voilà from Wistiki - a pocket sized tracking device - wants to become one of the must-have accessories of 2016. 

While that might be a little ambitious, it certainly has its uses.

The Bluetooth device was created by designer Philippe Starck and allows the user to keep track of their possessions with the minimum of fuss.

Attach the device to an object - a bike, rucksack, or laptop for example - and it works like a TV spy-series bug, allowing the owner to monitor its whereabouts through the accompanying smartphone app.

It could even be used to check if the kids made it safely to school if slipped in their pocket.

In reverse, it can be used to track a mobile phone.

Connect the device over Bluetooth and press the button and your phone comes alive allowing you to track it down.

“Why not just have a friend call the device?” I hear you shout.

Well, Voilà overrules the phone’s ‘silent’ mode, allowing you to find it whatever the circumstances - a key feature.

Voilà by Wistiki lets you live in a world where people don’t have to spend hours looking for their belongings - and who can put a price on time?

The Voilà! is available in four colours - pink, purple, yellow and orange - with more information here.