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Breaking Travel News investigates: Punta Monterrey Beach Resort, Mexico

Breaking Travel News investigates: Punta Monterrey Beach Resort, Mexico

As we glide down through 320 acres of protected jungle wilderness, we finally reach the self-proclaimed paradise retreat.

Situated north of the lively beachside towns of Sayulita and San Pedro, Punta Monterrey Beach Resort is located along its own idyllic golden coastline, set behind luscious foliage.

A retreat for relaxation and isolation, the charming location is set within its own beach cove and warmly welcomes us.

As I talk with Jaime Acosta, general manager of the property, I get a better understanding of what he is trying to create and, more importantly, pass along to following generations.

Family owned since 1944, the property could initially only be reached by boat.

Originally a family holiday home for Acosta’s grandfather, the house was redeveloped and expanded throughout the years to allow guests to enjoy the inclusive resort.

This comes across in the communal feel and approach: the resort is an extension of the family, where guests eat together at the family table and talk warmly with the hotel staff.

This is a residence that makes you want to feel at home and leave a positive, lasting impression.

The family philosophy brings its own warmth and togetherness, laid-back with locally sourced, health conscious food, in idyllic isolation.

The maximum capacity of Punta Monterrey is no more than 37 persons, with no other households anywhere near the premises.

Acosta tells me that he has had many offers from some of the world’s most exclusive luxury hoteliers, but he wants to remain true to the family ideology and community spirit.

Our room sits perched in the cliffs overlooking the bay below.

The treehouse style aesthetic is appropriate for the surroundings, with good space and a fantastic balcony to relax upon and watch the sunset engulf the bay in the evenings.

I had time to pick up some of the resort’s aqua sports equipment, which is at your disposable, including kayaking and paddle boarding.

Both are great fun, allowing you to get a deeper understanding of the diversity of the local environment.

My lasting impression is that Punta Monterrey wants to extend its warmness towards you.

Acosta and his staff do a great job of making it feel like home and taking care of all your needs.

It is not about its material qualities, which are of a good finesse, but about the complete attitude, its tranquil atmosphere and approachable philosophy.

The resort.s special quality is exactly this and will satisfy anyone looking to break away from a modern lifestyle.

More Information

Punta Monterrey Beach Resort is a private beach where guests can really relax and be in touch with nature and the sea. The property is surrounded by 300 acres of jungle which is an ecological reserve.

The hotel has only 12 rooms with a maximum capacity of 37 people and is perfect for family reunions and getaways.

Find out more on the official website.

Adam Kahan