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Breaking Travel News investigates: David Benzaquen, general manager, Cayo Espanto

Breaking Travel News investigates: David Benzaquen, general manager, Cayo Espanto

Cayo Espanto Restaurant has been honoured with the title of Belize’s Best Hotel Restaurant at the World Culinary Awards.

Here Breaking Travel News talks to David Benzaquen, general manager at Cayo Espanto, to find out how it feels to have taken the prestigious honour.

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations on your victory at the World Culinary Awards – how does it feel to have won?

David Benzaquen: It is an incredible honour to have the culinary features of the private island resort recognised by the prestigious awards program.

Chef Patrick Houghton and the entire food and beverage team have worked hard to create memorable meals tailored to fit each guest.


Considering dietary restrictions or specific preferences, every guest to the island is provided a full culinary journey.

Chef Patrick’s training in European cuisine combined with local Belizean ingredients and technique allow for a creative approach to the design of each menu.

I am incredibly proud of our team for continuously delivering the five-star resort service Cayo Espanto has become known for providing.

The culinary team and staff truly make all the difference.

BTN: How useful will the trophy and title be when it comes to promoting Cayo Espanto Restaurant to the global hospitality market?

DB: The recognition by the World Culinary Awards of the dining experiences available to guests of Cayo Espanto will help us to further elevate the private island resort as a must-visit destination.

This award will work to build upon the resort’s reputation to further signify the unique and luxe experiences available. 

BTN: Can you tell our readers a little about Cayo Espanto Restaurant and what is on offer there?

DB: Cayo Espanto works to create a personalised experience for every guest and make each one feel as though they have the entire private island to themselves.

With that in mind, we have designed the dining experience to be one that is also private.

There is no communal restaurant or area in general located on the island resort.

Rather, meals are delivered to each guest’s villa and arranged around the secluded accommodation to create a new intimate setting in which to dine.

Guests are presented with a menu tailored to them prior to each meal and can choose which dish appeals most to them.

Everything from authentic Belizean cuisine, favourited island classics, vegan, gluten-free and more can all be incorporated into the dishes created for each guest throughout their stay at Cayo Espanto. 

Chef Patrick Houghton leads the culinary team at Cayo Espanto

BTN: Finally, how would you describe the mood in Belize tourism as we move into 2022?

DB: Our team is ready and looking forward to welcoming guests in the months ahead, both new and those who have joined us before.

We know that travellers are looking for unique destinations to relax within, explore, and of course enjoy delicious meals in 2022 and look forward to having more indulge in our hidden gem.

The private and tailored features of Cayo Espanto speak to current trends of travellers looking for secluded getaways while also appealing to the desire to reconnect with a partner, small group of friends or as a family in a new and pampered setting.

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