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Breaking Travel News interview: Anabela Almeida, general director,

Breaking Travel News interview: Anabela Almeida, general director, has been honoured with the title of World’s Best Airline Consolidator by voters at the World Travel Tech Awards.

Here Mike Sawicki of Breaking Travel News speaks to Anabela Almeida, general director of the company, to find out how it feels to have taken the prestigious honour.

Breaking Travel News: How does it feel to have been recognised by voters from around the world?

Anabela Almeida: It is such a great honour to be awarded this prestigious distinction and especially considering it is the inaugural year of the World Travel Tech Awards.

We want to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to our amazing team, who has worked dedicatedly to deliver exceptional service and made this possible and to everyone who voted for us.


This award is the official recognition of the continuous work and investment has been doing in innovation and technology and represents a very important milestone to our company.

BTN: Can you tell our readers a little about the company and what it offers to the global aviation marketspace?

AA: was established in Portugal in 2009 and presently has offices in Portugal, Spain and the UK.

We are a global airfare marketplace that consolidates airfares from 70+ point of sale countries.

Our global business-to-business distribution network simplifies airfare sourcing and distribution.

In one single platform, all our partners automatically have access to the most competitive worldwide fare content consolidated from all available sources: GDS, NDC, global aggregators and airlines direct connect.

Not only do we offer the best fare content and technology, but we also provide our global partners with the best support service, with a dedicated aviation expert team available seven days a week.

We aim to help our partners to scale their business globally by providing the best combination of content, state of the art technology and service.

BTN: How will be using the title to promote the company as we move into 2022?

AA: Being the sister event of the World Travel Awards, the World Tech Travel Awards are as well globally recognised as awarding excellence in the tourism technology industry, and being awarded in the inaugural edition is a distinction and represents an exceptional added value to

For 2022, we will continue to expand our business to new markets and enhance partnerships with worldwide partners.

This award will state the excellence of the work we have been doing, but it is also a great incentive to continue to invest and develop advanced and innovative state of the art technology solutions.

BTN: How would you describe the mood in the global tourism market currently – is the recovery underway from the Covid-19 pandemic?

AA: At this moment, several positive signs indicate that the tourism industry is closer than ever to recovery.

One of the most important is that travellers are more eager than ever to travel, all studies show it and as soon as countries relieve their covid travel requirements, we see an automatic boom in the bookings number.

Recently, the EU has reached an agreement to adopt and implement the standardisation of rules within the EU, this will ensure coordination and clarity for the travel industry and, most important for the travellers.

However, there is still a worldwide complexity regarding Covid-19 travel requirements, such as different testing protocols, different vaccines recognition and different quarantine policies.

All of this makes the travel process extremely complex, bureaucratic, and expensive and has a major impact on the travelling decision, directly affecting the industry recovery.

No doubt a global standardisation of rules is a very complex process, but Covid-19 has become a part of our everyday lives, people have been adjusting to the new normal and this is a critical step towards the industry recovery, which needs to be pushed forward by international governments. 

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