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Bountylab Hospitality set to redefine Travel and Tourism standards in Sri Lanka & the Maldives

Bountylab Hospitality set to redefine Travel and Tourism standards in  Sri Lanka & the Maldives

The South Asian tropical paradise islands of Sri Lanka and the Maldives are the crème de la crème of exotic holiday destinations. The sizzling sun, sandy beaches, gentle breezes and pristine natural beauty make these neighbouring countries two of the most spectacular holiday destinations in the world.

The ever-increasing demand from holidaymakers has opened up the doorway for many new homegrown travel, tourism, hospitality and recreational enterprises to emerge, as well as attracting many international brands to enter Sri Lankan and Maldivian markets.

“We feel that this upward trend requires support from professional expertise to ensure the success of these new ventures,” says Israth Ismail, the Director of Bountylab Hospitality.

“Due to the fact that the market has become very attractive and competitive, industry players are constantly seeking to outperform each other by devising ever-more cutting-edge innovations. Especially high demand exists within the Maldivian and Sri Lankan tourism industry for technology expertise, marketing talent, creative ideas and operational excellence. This has influenced us at Bountylab International to launch Bountylab Hospitality and we are excited to now announce the launch of it in Sri Lanka and the Maldives” he adds.

Bountylab Hospitality is a modern, innovative, consultancy firm aimed at serving key travel, tourism and hospitality industry players in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The company offers hospitality consultancy; creative and digital solutions; media planning and communications services. 

Bountylab Hospitality’s parent company, Bountylab International, is a successful ICT solutions corporation with headquarters in the UK and operations in the USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Bountylab International is trusted and relied upon by many high profile clients for its innovative and leading-edge services. Whilst sitting comfortably as a market leader in the ICT and business solutions industry, Bountylab International is now channeling its expertise in the travel and tourism arena through the dedicated Bountylab Hospitality division.

Bountylab’s approach towards the industry is revolutionary; its ideas and concepts are fresh, its know-how and authority is unparalleled and the company’s passion for excellent client service is unrivalled.

The consultants in the Bountylab team have high calibre backgrounds which include expertise in information technology, hospitality marketing, internet marketing, business consultancy, creative solutions, hotel property development and management and more.

Bountylab Hospitality is anticipating being able to aid clients by bridging a gap in the tourism and hospitality industry in order to help brands reach new levels. With Bountylab Hospitality’s assistance, brands can expand operations and reach guests and customers through the most modern marketing techniques and strategies. Existing and new brands alike in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry of Sri Lanka and the Maldives can benefit from Bountylab Hospitality’s experience in utilizing state-of-the-art technology and consultancy services.

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