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5 most exciting things to do in France

5 most exciting things to do in France

A country known for its fashion, culture, food and literature, France is extraordinarily beautiful. From the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, its landscape is quite diverse and vast. While you are in the country, drop by one of those Parisian cafes and enjoy coffee with a croissant. Or simply book one of the best private tours to France 2019 which will make sure you get to do everything to make your trip unforgettable.

Read on to know more about five amazing things that one has to do while in France to make the experience even more authentic.

1. Dine at Eiffel Tower
A beautiful tower in the capital city of Paris, Eiffel tower is probably the most iconic image of France. Standing at about a thousand feet, this beautiful tower has become a symbol of love and light throughout the world. There are three different levels for visitors, out of which the first two also house restaurants. You can choose to dine at this iconic place with some beautiful landscape and breathtaking views of the city of Paris. The deck on top of the tower is also a crowd favourite to click pictures and observe the rest of the city.

2. Marvel at the Palace of Versailles
This spectacular structure was the main royal residence of the king of France till the French revolution started in the late 1700. Declared a UNESCO world heritage site, this beautiful palace has been a place of residence to royals like Louis XIV, and more famously, Marie Antoinette. The palace is a brilliant example of French architecture. With its grand chateau, gardens, facade, marble columns, huge courtyards, and brick-stone usage, this is definitely one of the most beautiful palaces in the whole world.

3. Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of nature at the Loire Valley
Located along the river Loire, this beautiful valley is made up of lush green hills looming in the background, and soothing landscapes spread all over horizon. The beauty of this valley is such that it has been recognised by UNESCO itself as a World Heritage Site. Full of flowers of every kind and color along with innumerable vines of juiciest grapes, this miracle of nature is populated by houses dotting both sides of the river.

4. Vacation in the French Riviera
Probably the most well known part of France, apart from the capital Paris itself, the French Riviera is a collection of beach towns in the south or south-western part of the country. From Cannes to Nice and Saint Tropez as well as Monaco, this area is known for its posh villas, resorts, coastal towns, villages and glamour. The whole region is popular as a holiday destination with celebrities and the who’s who of the world, which is why a vacation here spells ultimate luxury!

5. Visit the scandalous Moulin Rouge
This popular cabaret was first founded sometime in the late 18th century.  The original structure burned down due to a fire in 1910’s. Today, the place is popular again, especially after its namesake movie Moulin Rouge starring Nicole Kidman. A giant seating area, red draping and gorgeous setting make a visit to the place must while you are in France. You can book the tickets through their website.

Apart from these listed activities, France has so much to offer to travellers of every kind. You can check out the food, the books, cafes, parlours, museums or the fashion scene while you are in the country. So when are you planning a tour de France?