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10 reasons to go to Thailand

10 reasons to go to Thailand

Thailand is a paradise for those who do not like the cold. Many people prefer to fly there not for a week or two, but to stay for the whole winter. The air temperature not only allows you to bask in the sun (+30°C) but also enjoy the Andaman or South China Sea (+29°C).

1. Locals
Thailand owns its good weather not only to the warm air but also to the goodwill of the locals. Experienced travelers when asked which are the kindest countries, often remember the Thai people. That is the truth. The locals are very kind, well-mannered and friendly (also in the country they treat fairly people with gender diversity). In addition, tourists report a wonderful sense of humor among locals.

2. The unique nature
In Thailand, you can really see the stunning beauty of the scenery, but the best places are mainly in remote location. For example, Pattaya and Rayong are populous and not the cleanest areas of Thailand. On the opposite, if you go to the Far South, then in the National Park “Similan Islands” and to the Ang Thong Marine Park in the Gulf of Thailand, then you will see the true beauty of pristine nature.

3. Free Thailand
The word “tai”, from which the name of the country originated, means “freedom.” And this very word very well describes the general mood of this place. Here, people are not blamed for a different religion, way of thinking or gender. It is a free country in which people feel at ease.

4. Weather specifics
It is believed that the winter in the north of Thailand is the right time to not only sunbathe and swim but also to go on excursions. At this time in Thailand, by local standards it is cool - ...+28° C during the day and +15°C at night. Rain is very rare. But on Koh Samui, although the temperature is hot - +30°C, half of December and early January are usually cloudy and it rains day and night.

5. Peculiarities of national cuisine
Many tourists fall in love with Thai food as soon as they come here. It is universal, simple, and at the same time very diverse and cheap.

Numerous condiments add a special flavor to Thai dishes.

6. Affordable prices
In Thailand, enjoy low prices. This is one of the reasons why more and more people go here for the winter. For example, with the amount you spend on a 3-star hotel room in one of the most expensive European cities, you can book a luxurious 5-star hotel in Thailand. Long-term rental housing is also not very expensive, as well as food, communication services and so on.

7. 24-hour entertainment
As you understand, in the evening entertainment in the cities of Thailand goes on. First, after the sun sets, nightlife starts. Secondly, merchants with souvenirs and street food take to the streets. Thirdly, even at night, you can find open salons, where you will be offered high-quality Thai massage.

8. Beach vacation
Of course, in Thailand, there are incredibly beautiful beaches. Among the most popular are the beaches in Phuket, Krabi, and Samui. In addition to private beaches, there are the wild ones - if you get there, you will feel like a hero of a beautiful adventure movie. In Maya Bay, Thai Bay was filmed the famous movie “The Beach” (2000) with Leonardo DiCaprio, and on one of the beaches of Krabi province - a James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

9. Special Culture
The country’s spirituality is present in everything — not only thousands of temple complexes but also the unique attitude towards life itself. Locals are not in a hurry, absolutely relaxed and friendly to visitors. Experienced tourists say that if you stay in Thailand for more than a week, you unknowingly become very calm and in tune with the special Thai way of life.

10. The Capital of Thailand
Bangkok—Canal-Tour is considered a real city of contrasts. This is a noisy and crowded metropolis, with modern buildings which border with ancient majestic Buddhist temples. It seems that incompatible styles have merged organically in Bangkok into a colorful unity, and you should have a look at it.

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