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5 destinations for an unforgettable American road trip

5 destinations for an unforgettable American road trip

Yourself, a friend and the open road; what could be more thrilling than exploring America by car? Crank up the radio and get your road trip partner to do the navigating as you hop from hot spot to hot spot in the beautiful state of Florida.

If you have your heart set on an American road trip in Florida but aren’t quite sure what route to take, we have you covered. This road trip takes a total of just over ten hours, although you’ll have to decide how much time you’ll spend at each location. Starting in Orlando and ending up with a break at the Crystal River, here are five destinations around you need to visit for a truly unforgettable American road trip.

First destination: Orlando
Whether you’re planning a family vacay or a romantic adventure as a couple, there’s plenty of activities to get stuck into in Orlando. From stunning beaches to the world’s best theme parks, all the fun happens in this beautiful part of the country. As a popular tourist area, it’s quick and easy to prepare Orlando car hire in advance, allowing you to pick a vehicle that works best for your needs.

Orlando’s roads, in particular, are catered more-so to tourists and those who aren’t used to navigating these roads. We’d recommend visiting some of the below as they are all within half an hour of each other.

What to do: Explore Disney’s Magic Kingdom, seek thrills at Universal Studios, rent a swan-shaped paddle boat at Lake Eola Park, go shopping on International Drive.

Second top: Hollywood
If you fancy some glitz and glamour during your road trip, Hollywood will be your favourite stop of all. It’s a three-hour drive from Orlando, but the view is beautiful and you can always stop off at West Palm Beach on the way if you fancy a break.

With a myriad of celebrity memorabilia on display and an extensive history in film, it’s the perfect trip for those who have an affinity with fame. You’ll see many iconic sights and get stuck into the culture of Hollywood in just one day if you set off early, including the famous Hollywood sign and Boulevard.

What to do: Take funny photos at the Museum of Selfies, admire the Hollywood Walk of Fame, check out the sights from Griffith Observatory, get an insight into celebrity life at The Hollywood Museum, take a tour of Paramount Pictures.

Third stop: Everglades National Park
As well as exploring some of the best cities America has to offer, you should take the chance to check out the more naturally beautiful parts of the country. Famed for its stunning landscape, this national park is an incredible 1.5 million acres in total.

There’s plenty to explore in this beautiful part of the country, especially if you go during the dry season, which is November through to April. There are fewer bugs, lower temperatures and an increase in wildlife, including rare species such as American cro¬codiles, manatees and the Florida panther.

This is the perfect spot to have a picnic or snack break, giving you the chance to take some time out of your road to stretch your legs.

What to do: Take part in a ranger-guided tour, have a picnic, enjoy the unusual tram tours, cast out your poles for a spot of fishing, take part in bird and wildlife watching.

Fourth stop: Tampa
Your next stop is Tampa, a bustling city that’s packed with activities for all ages to enjoy. Whether you enjoy shopping until you drop or tucking into delightful seafood dishes, there’s something for everyone in Tampa.

This sleek and stylish city is a great place to spend the day, especially if you love rollercoasters or animals. It might sound like a strange mix, but what could be more fun than seeing the wildl¬¬ife before heading to a theme park? Sounds like a wild day out to us.

As well as having a plethora of attractions on offer, Tampa is known for having a great variety of options when it comes to food. The tiny building may not look like much, but you won’t want to miss out on the tasty seafood Big Ray’s Fish Camp has on offer.

What to do: Check out Florida Aquarium, visit Florida’s Gold Coast, enjoy the grouper sandwiches at Big Ray’s Fish Camp, see the animals at ZooTampa, go on a rollercoaster at Busch Garden’s amusement park.

Fifth stop: Crystal River, Florida
Your last stop of all is Crystal River, Florida, which is a breathtaking sight. Enjoy the many nature-based activities that this stunning coastal city has to offer, including swimming with the adorable manatees that reside in the local national animal wildlife refuge.

This is an amazing way of ending your road trip, with both city and natural life in one city. Make the most out of the sunny weather with a semi-private boat tour, which will show you all of the prettiest parts of the coat. Once you’ve finished with your activities, get stuck into some of the best seafood you will have ever tasted at one of the many restaurants that are dotted around the area.

What to do: Swim with the friendly Manatees, take a boat tour, enjoy a spot of luxury with a sunset cruise, take a hike.