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Why You Need to Add Singapore to Your Southeast Asia Itinerary

Why You Need to Add Singapore to Your Southeast Asia Itinerary

Though it is not a large country, Singapore prides itself on being one of the top travel destinations that every traveler wants to visit at some point in their lifetime. This beautiful country is famous for having not only the best sites and places to visit as seen on TripAdvisor, but also fresh air and a friendly community. Whether you are traveling solo, looking for a place where you can make new discoveries or simply spend quality time with a group of friends or family you will never be disappointed by this intriguing country. Below are reasons why you need to add Singapore to your Southeast Asia Itinerary.

Natural scenery
Visit man-made and natural botanical gardens with some of the top natural sceneries where you can connect with nature. Spend time strolling across the hundreds of hectares of lush greenery and pedestrian walkways situated close to the Marina perfect for a lovely afternoon or evening walk.

Most of these natural gardens are home to hundreds of plant species that will definitely take your breath away. Some of the gardens like the National Orchid Garden are home to some of the most beautiful flowers such as tropical orchids for flower lovers.

Beautiful sites
Go sightseeing at the waterfront with a close glimpse of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel, shopping complexes and restaurants situated along the way. The Helix Bridge provides an excellent view of the Singapore skyline among other alluring sites. Pay a visit to top historic sites like the museum, the Victoria Theatre, among other elegant sites and find out more about the history of Singapore. The temples and museums are well designed with the best-themed galleries that tell so much about the rich and enticing Singapore culture and heritage.

Tasty foods
Singapore has a number of food courts that serve the top of Singapore’s best cuisine, though some of the foods don’t come cheap. You will find a wide variety of delicacies from snacks to full-sized meals. The food is not only a delicacy to the locals, but even visitors enjoy eating some of these delicacies.

You can either have a bite of the food sold in the streets, restaurants or hotels. While some of Singapore’s meals such as the street food might be cheap, those in high-end hotels and restaurants don’t come cheap. The good thing is that the foods are prepared with the highest level of hygiene standards.

Breathtaking moments with wildlife
Spend a day the Singapore Zoo, a zoo that covers a wide area in the Upper Seletar Reservoir. The zoo has a variety of wildlife within natural habitats. You can also visit some of the parks and see animals such as polar bears, baboons, and marine animals like eels, reef fish and sandbar sharks. You will find raccoons and animals like monkeys within The Great Rift Valley.

From the friendly culture, exquisite nightlife, visit Singapore’s streets and get a souvenir from one of the department stores, fashion stores, malls, and designer shops with clothing, art, and items for people of all ages and genders. The shopping malls also have some of the best food courts available. Discover the best deals available for your next trip to Southeast Asia using this complete guide for where to stay in Singapore and enjoy life-changing moments with your loved ones as you savor and marvel at Singapore’s top travel destination sites.