Produce Travel & Leisure Maps without installing a software

Produce Travel & Leisure Maps without installing a software

PUBLICPRESS Signs on to Axes Systems’ axpand Software as a Service Solution for Map Makers

Axes Systems is pleased to announce that PUBLICPRESS, Germany has joined its ever-growing customer base which includes several German states and cities as well as private publishing houses.

Germany is a favorite destination for many travellers, including the Germans themselves. It offers beautiful cities and relaxing countryside with extensive recreational attractions. People make their way through Germany by car, bike, motorcycle
and on foot. As in most places, information is not in short supply.

27 years ago, PUBLICPRESS began to consolidate that information in maps. Over the years, the number and type of maps that PUBLICPRESS produces have grown to include hiking, biking, motorcycle and street maps - all in the right scales. These popular maps are known today as ‘The Maps with the Sun’.

Because map users have become accustomed to a variety of maps of different scales and themes and expect them to be current, PUBLICPRESS decided to change their map production from the use of Freehand and Illustrator graphic files to a seamless data base system to allow for easy updating and creation of thematic maps. The number of graphic files that PUBLICPRESS maintained had reached over 500 and had become time-consuming to manage.