ntroduces exclusive Seat Alerts(TM) feature ntroduces exclusive Seat Alerts(TM) feature, the premier air travel information website offering complete and efficient ways to access the ever changing details of worldwide air travel information, is introducing Seat Alerts(TM), the first automated service that notifies airline passengers when occupied seats become available, including flights that are completely booked. The exclusive service can monitor all flights of more than 84 airlines worldwide and is available to ExpertFlyer Premium subscribers at no additional cost.

How it Works

Today, securing seating assignments for flights requires passengers to have a ticket and restricts seat selection to only unoccupied seats. Passengers hoping to find a different seat would typically wait until check-in at the airport and hope a more desirable seat is available. ExpertFlyer’s Seat Alerts changes all that.

Seat Alerts now allows ticketed and non-ticketed passengers to set up an automatic alert that notifies them when occupied seats become available. Using ExpertFlyer’s Seat Alerts feature, passengers can select “Any Aisle” or “Any Window” and will automatically be notified by email when any aisle or window seat becomes available on selected flights. In addition, passengers can identify an unlimited number of specific seats by selecting desired—but currently occupied—seats such as Exit Row and Bulkhead seats or if you want to sit with business associates, friends or family on the same flight, for example. In addition, Seat Alerts provides the option of selecting “Premium” seats when setting up an alert. This designation automatically allows ExpertFlyer subscribers with Elite status to be notified when seats specifically reserved for them become available.

“Seat Alerts is the only service available today that allows passengers to select seats that are already occupied and place an alert for notification the moment any of their seat selections becomes available,” explains Chris Lopinto, president and co-founder of “Seat Alerts is another addition to ExpertFlyer’s Premium service where members continue to receive additional benefits without any increase in their subscription fees. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with comprehensive air travel information with features and benefits they can’t find anywhere else. Seat Alerts is a great compliment to other ExpertFlyer features including Flight Alerts and Awards & Upgrades and will enable our customers to further maximize their travel experience,” added Mr. Lopinto.


Subscribers to ExpertFlyer’s Premium service currently enjoy the benefits of Flight Alerts, the company’s automated search engine for finding Award and Upgrade tickets. Now, with the added service of Seat Alerts, subscribers will have the benefit and added convenience of viewing both services simultaneously. When a Flight Alert and a Seat Alert are requested on the same flight, both queries will appear on a single screen for easier management of travel requests and itineraries.