IDeaS reveals SAS joint offering

IDeaS Revenue Optimization and SAS have teamed up to provide the Asian Gaming sector with an improved understanding of its customers.As the Gaming industry moves from a focus on casino revenues to an integrated resort model - which includes multiple ancillary revenue outlets like food and beverage, spa treatments, amusement parks and retail - it is vital to ensure that the guests overall experience is maximized while revenue is optimized.

Under the combined IDeaS and SAS offering, data from all transaction systems are integrated to provide a true 360 degree view of a customer, including a picture of guests’ preferred activities and their overall value considering all ancillary spend.

“The Venetian [in Las Vegas] has already derived substantial benefit from using IDeaS and SAS solutions,” said Rom Hendler, VP Strategic Marketing, The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino. “It’s more important than ever to join customer relationship management and revenue management to maximize profitability. By combining data mining and revenue optimization tools, the software helps the Venetian allocate rooms effectively - based on the potential profitability of each customer and the opportunity cost of the room. Opportunities for further optimization exist and we’re looking forward to working with SAS and IDeaS to address those as well.”

IDeaS will also draw on SAS’ vast R&D resources to enable Asian casinos and gaming hotels to benefit from the advanced forecasts. Especially important in an uncertain economy, improved forecasting will help marketers and revenue managers working within the Asian Gaming sector to make decisions aimed at increasing profits.

“A critical milestone that SAS will achieve this year is the sharing of key information between the IDeaS V5i On-demand Revenue Management and SAS Customer Intelligence solutions. This information sharing will enable SAS’ customers to target their marketing offers and to better manage demand,” commented Kelly McGuire, Product Marketing Manager for the Gaming and Hospitality Industry at SAS. “SAS is working to meet customer needs by integrating IDeaS’ revenue management capabilities with SAS’ customer analytics and campaign management capabilities. This will help customers achieve total enterprise profit optimization - the next generation of revenue optimization solutions.”