PhoCusWright and TravelDaily partner to host the 2009 China Travel Innovation Summit

PhoCusWright, the travel industry research authority on how travelers, suppliers and intermediaries connect and TravelDaily, China’s leading online publisher and event organizer with emphasis on trends in the distribution, marketing and technology of the travel and tourism industries, will partner to host the 2009 China Travel Innovation Summit in Beijing from 12 to 13 May 2009.The China Travel Innovation Summit will take a new look at the travel distribution business from the perspective of distribution leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and will focus on the opportunities made available in travel through technology and innovation. “PhoCusWright’s partnership with the China Travel Innovation Summit and TravelDaily, whose knowledge of key travel trends in China is both broad and deep, will further our focus on China. PhoCusWright’s commitment to China is further underscored with the completion of its significant in-depth study on the China online travel market—both from the demand and supply side,” states Ram Badrinathan, PhoCusWright’s general manager, Asia Pacific. “The combination of the domain expertise of both PhoCusWright and TravelDaily will produce a conference platform unlike any other for knowledge and sharing.”

The China Travel Innovation Summit is regarded as the most prestigious industry event by Chinese travel professionals and global travel companies who are interested in investing in China. TravelDaily and PhoCusWright bring together distinguished speakers from established travel companies and promising startups. The Startup Challenge showcases six to eight innovative companies who are deploying new technologies and new business models that will significantly impact travel planning, purchasing and trendsetting. The winner will be rewarded the “China Travel Innovation Award.”

“Innovation leads the travel and tourism industry into a truly global business and the world’s largest industry,” said Eva He, marketing director of TravelDaily. “In the face of the current global economic downturn, innovation will help travel industry players thrive in this challenging environment. By working together with PhoCusWright, we are confident we can create a truly interactive and inspiring event for the travel decision-makers.”