EuroCheapo launches budget airline site has announced the launch of CheapoSearch Flights, a new search engine for European budget airlines.“Budget carriers offer flights between European cities at astonishingly low prices,” said Tom Meyers, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of EuroCheapo, “We created CheapoSearch Flights because our readers were asking for more information about these airlines. Our goal is to make their flight research easy and help them find seats that fit their budget.”

CheapoSearch Flights includes:


  * Budget airline route finder, with times and prices:  Travelers can search for budget routes between thousands of European cities. If a specific route isn’t available, EuroCheapo offers suggestions for budget carriers flying into airports within 65 miles. Search results also display flight times, along with ticket prices for seats bookable through EuroCheapo’s reservation partner



  * Editorial reviews of 43 budget airlines.  CheapoSearch Flights covers 43 low-cost airlines in Europe, each reviewed by the site’s editorial team. Profiles include company information, pros and cons, luggage and seating policy information, and direct links to their websites. EuroCheapo includes well-known budget carriers, such as Ryanair ( and easyJet (, along with lesser known regional carriers, such as InterSky ( and Club Air (


  * Budget air guide, including articles and FAQ. In addition to airline reviews, EuroCheapo’s editors have compiled helpful tips and expert advice for getting the greatest value from low-cost carriers.


  * Airport and city maps.  CheapoSearch Flights employs mapping technology that clearly displays departure and arrival airports, along with other nearby airports. This provides a clearer understanding of the distances between airports and city centers (important as many low-cost carriers fly into secondary airports).


  * Price comparison.  To compliment the budget airline results, CheapoSearch Flights gives travelers one-click comparisons for airfare on major airlines that fly the same route. After all, sometimes legacy carriers like Continental, Lufthansa, and KLM offer lower prices or fly to more centrally-located airports.