SAS deploys mobile technology

SAS is introducing a number of innovations including advanced mobile technology, a refined check-in notification and boarding card system and internet and telephone facilities in business class lounges as of 27 March 2007.
Business moves at such a pace today that the ability to capitalise upon ones time spent at the airport is often crucial to staying apace of developments, sending that last minute e-mail or making that important telephone call. From the end of March 2007 customers using SAS Business Lounges will enjoy wireless internet access and the opportunity to make calls using Skype phones provided in the lounges. Furthermore passengers travelling with SAS in both Business and Economy Extra will only need to arrive at the departure gate 15 minutes before take-off.

SAS is dedicated to using technology to make the experience of travelling more convenient, and as from June 2007, SAS customers will have access to an innovative check in notification service via e-mail and text message. 22 hours before a flight is due to depart, passengers will automatically be notified via text or e-mail that they can now check in for their flight.  Passengers will be able to register for this new check-in notification service at the time of booking their tickets, enabling them to check in via their mobile with just one click and have an itinerary sent to them via text. Passengers opting to receive check in notification via email will no longer need to login or input their booking details but will be able to access the seat plan for their flight with a single click.
SAS customers will also be given access to their flight details by using the SAS mobile and be able to check flight times, weather forecasts for their destinations and even download city guides on SAS’ destinations worldwide. 

Lars-Ove Filipson, General Manager United Kingdom & Ireland, Scandinavian Airlines said: “SAS is committed to investing in technological advancements that will make the process of travel more convenient for our customers. We understand the value of time and believe that our new advanced mobile portal will help our customers maximize their time when preparing for or undertaking business travel. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve the outstanding service our customers have come to expect from SAS.”

During the summer and autumn of 2007, SAS will be introducing a new system of online check-in which among other things, will enable passengers to print their bar-coded boarding pass at home. SAS is also currently investing in technology which will enable customers, in the future, to receive a digital boarding pass direct to their mobile phones, allowing them to use their phones to “swipe” through the airport.

SAS onboard service is also being enhanced. Passengers in Economy will be offered a new Buy on Board service with an attractive range of food and beverage items. Economy Extra passengers will enjoy nutritious, salad based cold meals and personalised service from assigned crew. Business passengers will enjoy a high level of comfort and personalized service with extra privacy and seclusion thanks to a new cabin divider.


Filipson continued: “SAS customers can now look forward to smoother more efficient travel as well as a more enjoyable flight with SAS.”