GoQuo publishes dynamic packaging guide

GoQuo has published a free, easy-to-read guide designed to help travel businesses considering upgrading their web sites with dynamic packaging.

Titled ‘The Beginner’s Guide To Getting More From Your Web Site With Dynamic Packaging’, the handy-sized publication gives tips and recommendations on what potential dynamic packagers should do if they’re thinking about such a solution.

It details the questions to ask of and expect from potential technology suppliers, ranging from preparing a brief and the questions to ask at a supplier pitch, to questions that suppliers will ask, and streamlining the solution implementation process.

Written by GoQuo managing director Ron Ramanan and UK sales head Dr Anderson Dy, topics covered include:

á      Reviewing whether dynamic packaging can help your online business

á      Customising the solution to your business needs

á      The importance of content and inventory partners

á      Integration options

á      Project time frame, budget and contract terms

á      Implementation and testing

á      Ongoing support


Said Ramanan: “We’ve created this guide because as we talk with, and win business from, more and more travel businesses in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia, we find the same questions and issues keep cropping up. Hopefully, this guide will provide some useful information if you’re considering getting more out of your online business and help make the process smoother.

“Dynamic packaging is now accepted as a vital technology tool for delivering great choice, value and service to online customers, be they leisure or business travellers or other trade distributors. There’s lots you need to think about, right from the moment you first consider dynamic packaging, through to the time when it’s implemented.”

The GoQuo guide is available free - just visit the GoQuo website (www.goquo.com), scroll to the bottom of the home page where the guide’s cover is shown, and click on the link.