Expedia, top 10 destinations

Expedia.co.uk has revealed the top ten holiday hotspots for 2007, as voted for by Expedia customers.  Top of the list are the far-flung, up-and-coming destinations of Cape Verde, Brazil and Vietnam, along with European newcomer Bulgaria and popular Croatia.  The hotly tipped list sees travellers branching out from traditional destinations such as Paris and New York and choosing more adventurous spots for the year ahead.

The ‘Hottest Destinations for 2007’ list reveals Expedia.co.uk customers’ predictions for the travel hotspots for the year ahead, based on the results of a recent poll.

Expedia.co.uk’s Top 10 Destinations for 2007 (no particular order)

1.        Cape Verde

2.    Bulgaria

3.    Brazil

4.    Vietnam

5.    Croatia

6.    Cape Town

7.    Devon

8.    Beijing

9.    Las Vegas

10.    Morocco

Cape Verde, is set to replace 2006’s hotspot, Abu Dhabi, as one of the destinations of 2007. With year round sunshine, white beaches and Creole culture, the collection of West African islands have even been aptly dubbed ‘the new Caribbean’. Hotly tipped Bulgaria is also set to draw in increasing numbers of visitors with a beautiful coastline, reasonable prices and a wealth of cultural attractions and historical sights.


With the 2008 Olympics around the corner, Beijing is one of the ‘must see’ places in Asia with many visitors wanting to witness the contrast between ancient imperialism and the leap into modernism. Other notable additions include lush Cape Town, gaming capital of the world Las Vegas, vibrant Brazil and the charming rural retreat of Devon.

The list also sees the rise of cultural destinations in both Europe and beyond to include the bustling North African hotspot of Morocco, East European island hopping getaway Croatia and the addition of the up and coming Asian destination, Vietnam.

The hottest destinations list includes a total of three European destinations, three African destinations, two Asian destinations and one destination in North America and South America.

Elyas Chowdhury, Marketing Director of Expedia.co.uk comments: “This year’s list reveals that more and more people are exploring niche destinations and becoming more adventurous with their holiday choices.  Our customers prefer to head off the beaten track rather than continue to go back to traditional tourist hot spots.  We hope this list will give travellers holiday inspiration to let themselves go and experience new places and cultures in 2007.”