BA employee held in terror probe

BA employee held in terror probe

A 30-year-old British Airways employee is being held by police on suspicion of fundraising for terrorism.

The airline has confirmed the unnamed employee was arrested at its Newcastle office over the weekend, but declined to elaborate further when reached for commented today.

Police explained the man was arrested by the North-east Counter Terrorism unit and detectives from London on suspicion of terrorist fundraising.

He is presently being held at a high-security London police station; where police have been granted extra time to question him.

The employee is believed to have dealt with bookings, and would therefore not have been subject to security checks.


Britain’s counter-terror units have maintained vigilance against a further attack since the failed December 25th 2010 plot to blow up a US-bound jet.

Former London student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is being held over the failed attempt.