BA and Amadeus agree content deal

BA and Amadeus agree content deal

Travel agents using the Amadeus booking platform will have guaranteed full-content access to all British Airways’ fares for another three years, it was announced today (December 21).

The deal means consultants will have access to the same range of fares and inventory through Amadeus as they would through the airline’s website and at the same opt-in levels as those established in 2007.

The news comes just over a month after BA announced a full-content content deal with Travelport, the operator of both the Galileo and Worldspan platforms.

The third major global distribution system Sabre is yet to announce a deal.

John Mornement, head of selling and distribution at BA, said: “Amadeus is a trusted and important distribution channel and we are delighted to have reached an agreement that continues to give Amadeus agents worldwide access to our fares and which reduces our distribution costs.”


Ian Wheeler, vice president marketing & distribution, Amadeus, said: “We are delighted to bring continued stability to the travel distribution marketplace.

“Amadeus strives to offer the widest scope of integrated content to our travel agency partners. 

“Our customers have long told us that access to complete content is their highest priority.

“Full content agreements with carriers such as BA, are a significant part of our ongoing mission – to provide our customers with stability and clear long-term planning.”

Neiether the Amadeus nor the Travelport deals had been expected until the previous agreements ended in March next year.

The full range of British Airways’ fares, schedules and inventory made available through the Amadeus system will be the same as those offered through any direct or indirect channel, distribution provider or website.

Amadeus users can continue to access and book fares and inventory that the airline makes available to the public through its internal reservation system and its consumer website, as well as through third-party sites. 

In the UK and Ireland, the opt-in levels that were established by Amadeus in 2007 of between 50p to £1 per booking remain the same.