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Unexpected Journeys with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines and Singapore Tourism Board will take the city state to the world stage with the launch of a light-hearted film series, titled Unexpected Journeys.

The series – with three episodes spanning 20 minutes each –  aims to surprise global audiences with the impressive range and value of experiences that both brands have to offer.

In Unexpected Journeys, Singaporean comedian, actor and host Rishi Budhrani travels to the hometowns of The League of Extraordinary Communities for an unconventional holiday.

He is hosted by a family of six in Bland, New South Wales, Australia; a group of friends in Dull, Perthshire, Scotland; and a fellow comedian in Boring, Oregon, United States of America.

To return the favour, Rishi plays host to the three groups of travellers and takes them on an unexpected journey to Singapore via a Singapore Airlines flight.

Their adventures in Singapore, Bland, Dull and Boring were filmed and produced as a film series.

The film series was created by Singapore Airlines and Singapore Tourism Board to demonstrate the unexpected experiences that Singapore and Singapore Airlines have to offer travellers.

The series authentically showcases the depth and breadth of Singapore and the distinctive experiences travellers can enjoy in the destination as well as on board Singapore Airlines.

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