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P&O Cruises debuts new ad as international return looms

A new television advert – entitled ‘What a night’ – has premiered across national broadcasting channels as P&O Cruises celebrates international holidays resuming September 25th.

The variety of experiences which can be found on a P&O Cruises break and the unique and powerful memories which endure long after a holiday has ended are the themes covered in the new campaign, developed in conjunction with creative agency Snap and production company Some Such.

The 40 second version of ‘What a night’, features a couple recounting holiday memories from P&O Cruises new ship Iona and will run until November.

Filming for further iterations, focused on the Mediterranean and Caribbean, is already underway.

P&O Cruises president, Paul Ludlow, said: “A P&O Cruises holiday is all about variety of experiences which we were keen to convey in our latest TV advertising concept.

“We also wanted to capture the special, intangible aspects of a holiday and the way so many of us replay memories from our holidays for many years afterwards.

“The past 18 months have highlighted that we need pivotal, vital moments to create memories which are full of joy.

“This film, featuring a real-life couple, captures that joy with an authentic and heartfelt spirit.

“We’re proud to be launching this new campaign and ‘What a night’ celebrates and embodies these themes.

“We will be sharing future versions, each revealing more about the choices to be found on a P&O Cruises holiday, in the coming months and we hope that they will have wide appeal.”