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Celebrating Ramadan at Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace has celebrated Ramadan with the construction of a new Ramadan Pavilion.

The 2,400 square metre pavilion will offer an Iftar buffet of Emirati and Ramadan specialties to guests.

The custom-built pavilion, overlooking the beach on one side and the façade of the hotel on the other, was used during another spectacular Holy Month.

Measuring 40 metres in width and 60 metres in length, the pavilion’s grandeur parallels that of the Palace.

The construction statistics are impressive: 55 men involved in a 37-day construction for a total of 20,000 man hours.

With 200 metres of tarpaulin wrapped around the structure, and finer details like a fabric ceiling, ornate fixtures and intricate lighting to play up the internal designs, the pavilion boasts a regal elegance perfect for Iftar and Sohour this Ramadan.

“We are very proud of our Ramadan Pavilion,” said Holger Schroth, general manager at Emirates Palace.

“We made an impression last year by introducing the largest Ramadan Pavilion in Abu Dhabi, and this year will be even better.

“A time for celebration and spiritual reflection, we believe our Pavilion is the perfect venue in Abu Dhabi this Ramadan.”