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Thai travel returning to normal

Thai travel returning to normal

3 June 2010 Tourism News

Governments around the world have begun to rescind warnings against travel to Thailand as the political situation in the country calms. The United States, Canada and United Kingdom have all withdrawn warnings, while Thai authorities have simultaneously launched a promotional drive to woo visitors.

Thailand needs your support. not price cutting

Thailand needs your support. not price cutting

1 June 2010 Press Release Tourism News

The Thailand PATA Chapter regrets to observe that Royal Orchid Holidays (ROH), a division of THAI Airways International, has come up with a self-defeating tourism recovery strategy for Thailand – price reductions of 50%.

Thailand plots tourism comeback

Thailand plots tourism comeback

26 May 2010 Tourism News

Thailand is plotting its return from the tourism cold now that control and order has been restored in Bangkok. The government estimates US$1.5 billion has been lost in tourism revenue following two months of political upheaval, whilst many fear that Thailand’s image as the “Land of Smiles” has been shattered by the violence that left 88 dead and 1,900 injured.

Order restored in Thailand following unrest

21 May 2010 Tourism News

Thai prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has said order has been restored to the capital Bangkok following weeks of unrest across the country. Mr Abhisit added that, while “huge challenges” remained, now was the time to “heal the emotional wounds and restore unity among the Thai people”.

Bangkok curfew extended

20 May 2010 Tourism News

The curfew in Bangkok has been extended by a further three nights as Thai troops attempt to storm the anti-government protesters’ camp and weed out the ringleaders. The army insisted the violence was now under control following yesterday’s outburst which claimed a further 14 lives.

Thai troops crush Bangkok barricades

19 May 2010 Tourism News

The Foreign Office is warning British travellers to avoid all but essential travel to Bangkok as Thai troops overrun barricades in the heart of the city. At least five people are known to have died as forces loyal to prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva stormed Red Shirt barricades ending weeks of protest.

Thai tourism suffers fall-out from Battle of Bangkok

Thai tourism suffers fall-out from Battle of Bangkok

17 May 2010 Tourism News

Bookings for resorts in Phuket have sunk to just 15 percent for June as the tourist industry across Thailand suffers the fall-out of the violent protests in Bangkok. The global coverage of the street battles has sent the country’s tourism industry into freefall, despite the destination remaining largely peaceful and few resorts outside the capital affected.