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Thai troops crush Bangkok barricades

19 May 2010 Tourism News

The Foreign Office is warning British travellers to avoid all but essential travel to Bangkok as Thai troops overrun barricades in the heart of the city. At least five people are known to have died as forces loyal to prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva stormed Red Shirt barricades ending weeks of protest.

Thai tourism suffers fall-out from Battle of Bangkok

Thai tourism suffers fall-out from Battle of Bangkok

17 May 2010 Tourism News

Bookings for resorts in Phuket have sunk to just 15 percent for June as the tourist industry across Thailand suffers the fall-out of the violent protests in Bangkok. The global coverage of the street battles has sent the country’s tourism industry into freefall, despite the destination remaining largely peaceful and few resorts outside the capital affected.

Bangkok violence escalates

14 May 2010 Tourism News

Violence in Bangkok has escalated with troops opening fire on rioting Red Shirt anti-government protestors, once again turning the Thai capital into a battlefield. On Friday, the so-called Red Shirts seized and vandalized several military vehicles, and set at least one truck on fire following the shooting of an influential anti-government general.

FCO rescinds Thailand travel advice

7 May 2010 Tourism News

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has rescinded advice advising against all but essential travel to Thailand. However, travellers are still urged to avoid Bangkok, with protestors still occupying swathes of the capital.

Ash backlog leaves hundreds stranded in airport basement

Ash backlog leaves hundreds stranded in airport basement

26 April 2010 Airline News

Hundreds of tourists remain stranded in the basement of Bangkok airport as airlines struggle to clear the backlog caused by the ash cloud crisis. The recent spate of civil disturbances also makes it safer to remain in the airport rather than staying at local hotels.

UK, USA and Australia warn against Thai travel

23 April 2010 Tourism News

Government officials from around the world have begun to advise against all but essential travel to Bangkok, following a spate of “terrorists” attacks on Thursday. As many as eighty commuters are feared injured following four explosions in the Silom business district.

Editor’s Blog: Is Thailand safe?

23 April 2010 Focus

Thursday’s explosions in Bangkok have bought weeks of simmering internal discontent to international attention. But with large parts of the country untouched by protests and local tourist chiefs urging visitors not to alter their plans, Chris O’Toole here examines how dangerous the country really is.

State of emergency declared in Bangkok

7 April 2010 Tourism News

Authorities in Thailand have declared a state of emergency in the capital Bangkok and its surrounding provinces. However, despite persistent warnings from the Foreign Office, TAT and PATA continue to advise travellers the country is safe for visitors.

Thai protests enter third day

16 March 2010 Tourism News

As the latest round of anti-government protests in Thailand enters the third day the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) have been quick to quell unrest among travellers. However, the Foreign Office has warned British visitors to use “extreme caution” when on the streets of capital Bangkok.