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Airbus welcomes 50 per cent synthetic fuel milestone

Airbus welcomes 50 per cent synthetic fuel milestone

2 October 2009 Press Release Airline News

Airbus welcomes the latest steps towards the approval by ASTM International, one of the largest voluntary standards developing organizations in the world, for the use of a 50 per cent synthetic jet fuel in commercial aviation. Synthetic liquid jet fuels can be made from biomass, natural gas or coal. All of these are known as xTL fuels.

Airbus raises forecast on signs of recovery

Airbus raises forecast on signs of recovery

18 September 2009 Airline News

Airbus’ Chief Operating Officer John Leahy has revealed he is optimistic that the airline industry is recovering — although he warned that financing conditions remain tight. The company says airlines will buy 25,000 planes worth $3.1 trillion over the next 20 years, buoyed by Asian sales and increased demand for single-aisle models.

WTO poised to outlaw Airbus state aid

WTO poised to outlaw Airbus state aid

4 September 2009 Airline News

The World Trade Organization is set to rule today what is being dubbed as the biggest trade dispute in history - between aerospace giants Boeing and Airbus. The US planemaker is accusing the EU of handing out illegal subsidies to its arch rival, and it is believed that the WTO is expected to agree.

UK fronts £350m to develop Airbus carbon A350

UK fronts £350m to develop Airbus carbon A350

14 August 2009 Airline News

The UK government is to provide Airbus with a launch aid package worth £350m to develop the A350 XWB, a carbon-fibre aircraft that aims to rival Boeing’s Dreamliner. The package amounts to roughly half what Airbus was seeking from the UK to develop the wide-body jet.

Airbus orders plummet 86%

Airbus orders plummet 86%

28 July 2009 Airline News

Airbus has weathered one of the toughest episodes in aviation history by reporting a rise in aircraft deliveries for the first six months of 2009. But the worst could be yet to come with new orders for the period shrinking a massive 86% to 68, compared with 487 in the same period last year.

Airbus delivers first Chinese-built aircraft

23 June 2009 Press Release Airline News

Airbus has delivered the first A320 aircraft made at its Chinese factory, saying the event symbolised its long-term focus on the Chinese aviation market.Airbus hopes the plant in the northern city of Tianjin will deliver a big advantage over arch rival Boeing. The latter makes components in China, but Airbus is the first to have a full production facility in the country, as it vies to meet fast-growing Chinese demand for commercial aircraft.

Airbus tops 100 jet orders at Paris Air Show

19 June 2009 Press Release Airline News

The aviation industry has finally been served some good news as Wizz Air has said it is placing an order with Airbus for 50 short-haul planes, as it attempts to become one the largest low-cost carriers in Europe.The order rounds off a hugely successful week for Airbus at the Paris Air Show. The Toulouse-based manufacturer has secured firm orders for more than 100 jets, despite the current turmoil within the industry.

Airbus trims production

23 February 2009 Press Release Airline News

Airbus has adapted its production rates of its A320 Family programme from 36 to 34 a month from October 2009 onwards. Production rates of the A330/A340 family will be paused at the current level of 8.5 a month, and not increased further as previously planned. This decision reflects Airbus’ current view on market demand in times of airlines adapting their capacities and of continuing uncertainties caused by the worldwide economic crisis.

Airbus shuns lure of Ryanair mega deal

5 February 2009 Press Release Airline News

Airbus has spurned Ryanair‘s attempt to lure it into a bidding war with Boeing over a multi-billion dollar order for up to 400 short-haul jets.The European aircraft manufacturer says it is unwilling to offer the scale of discounts Ryanair is seeking. The low-cost carrier is aiming to take advantage of the weakening commercial aerospace market.

French goverment to bail out Airbus

27 January 2009 Press Release Airline News

The French government has extended its lending spree to struggling industries by drawing up a plan to provide up to €5bn in state aid to Airbus.The country’s latest bank bailout plan was seen by many as indirect aid to the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, which faces falling demand as airlines struggle to raise finance to purchase a back-log of aircraft orders.

Airbus crashes into Hudson river

15 January 2009 Press Release Airline News

US Airways flight 1549, an Airbus A320 en route to Charlotte from LaGuardia, with at least 152 people aboard, has crashed into the Hudson River in New York City but no loss of life has been reported.