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Zest Air embarks on an exclusive partnership with Abacus

Zest Air embarks on an exclusive partnership with Abacus

Abacus International, Asia Pacific’s leading revenue partner for airlines, today announced a landmark exclusive partnership with Zest Airways (Zest Air) that will see Abacus-connected agents sell Zest Air content and drive e-tickets through the Abacus eTAT platform.

Zest Air, one of the Philippines’ leading low-cost carriers (LCC), has recently expanded its reach beyond borders to Korea on top of its existing domestic and China flights. They will be working closely with Abacus in the coming months to implement Abacus eTAT, and to ensure all Zest Air flights are made available on Abacus’ extensive network of travel agencies throughout Asia Pacific.

“Zest Air is very pleased to be able to work with a partner as established as Abacus,” said Mr Alfredo A. Herrera, Zest Air’s chief for sales and marketing. “As we grow and expand in Asia, we look to Abacus to provide us with the necessary tools and expertise to boost both our productivity and profitability through wider sales channels and greater ticketing convenience. We are really gratified with the professionalism and effective solutions provided by Abacus along with its extensive network to sell Zest Air content.”

Abacus’ technology allows Zest Air to achieve maximum productivity with superior reporting tools and control mechanisms. Zest Air will look to benefit through faster reporting, enhancing ticket control to mitigate fraud risk and deliver the e-ticketing functionality through an easy-to-use interface. Travel agents also will gain from this agreement, through added convenience and effectiveness.

“Abacus is excited to support Zest Air’s growth plans and we are honoured that Zest Air has chosen the highly productive Abacus channel to drive higher sales and greater yield,” said Mr Ho Hoong Mau, Division Head, Airline Distribution, Abacus International. “Content is king. We are confident that our agencies will relish this unique partnership with Zest Air and drive an increase in business for Zest Air through new market expansion.”


This initiative falls on a series of momentous LCC agreements that Abacus has completed recently, as part of its strategy to grow in the LCC space and to offer customised solutions and services to its LCC partners. Recent partners include Mihin Lanka, Jetstar Pacific, Starflyer, AirAsia Philippines, Scoot and Air Busan