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Wine, dine, recline: Delta’s revamped wine program brings new selections on board

Wine, dine, recline: Delta’s revamped wine program brings new selections on board

This fall, Delta is taking its one-of-a-kind wine program to new heights with the addition of 17 high-quality wines to a rotational inflight menu. 

The wine service—available in all Main Cabin and higher fare classes—offers a robust and diverse selection of flavors, allowing customers to select the perfect pairing to turn their inflight meal into a fine-dining experience. 

“While cultivating a list of delicious wines was paramount, Delta’s criteria in sourcing program partners went far beyond a wine’s finish,” said Kristen Manion Taylor, S.V.P of In-flight Service. “The final selections represent brands that share Delta’s values—brands that reflect the diverse community of the winegrowing world and lead their industry in sustainability practices.” 

Partnering with world-renowned Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson, Delta teams curated a wine list that’s elevated, balanced, diverse and delicious. An extensive vetting process narrowed hundreds of contenders down to the final selection. 

“A good wine makes good food taste even better,” said Robinson. “That’s especially true at altitude where you don’t have as much moisture and aroma concentration; wines with vibrant acidity and punchy fruit and aromatics, keep your taste buds active, and help bring out the flavors of food.”


Each wine will complement Delta’s best-in-class onboard offerings – the team made sure that each wine would taste well at 35,000 feet, where taste buds are dulled and different flavors are accentuated. 
Here’s a look at what customers in each cabin can expect:

Delta One: Delta’s most premium cabin will feature the highest number of premium wines ever offered onboard (for more details on new selections, see below). Delta One customers can expect a selection of two red wines, two white wines, rosé, champagne and port – featured on our printed menu that customers can peruse in-flight. For the first time ever, a rosé offering will be available year-round.

First Class: First Class customers will enjoy a variety of premium selections, such as Pebble Lane Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, with 750ml pour bottle options – a returning fan favorite. First Class customers can expect to choose from one white and one red wine options.

Delta Premium Select, Delta Comfort Plus, and Main Cabin: New additions like Casa Saulita Chenin Chardonnay will add delicious flavor to international routes, while domestic routes will continue to enjoy some of the diverse and women-run wine brands (Imagery Estate, Une Femme) customers already know and love.

Delta’s rotational wine program means that customers can look forward to seasonal updates to the menu through August of next year.