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Vietnam visa service for Australians, Canadians and UK citizen goes online

Vietnam visa service for Australians, Canadians and UK citizen goes online

Recently, has launched three websites among its local website project to introduce Vietnam visa on arrival service and Vietnam visa consultancy for foreign travelers. The local websites are designed to provide specific groups of customers based on nationality to best gather needed information regarding Vietnam visa.

February 2012 has seen three of the local websites go online, including Vietnam visa UK, Vietnam visa Australia and Vietnam visa Canada.

The three local websites are developed based on the same principles, policies and rules as

Instead of prowling through many pages on the main website to look for information, British passport holders, Canadian passport holders and Australian passport holders can easily access the above mentioned local websites and be presented with Vietnam visa information related only to the nationality of choice.

On the homepage of each local website, users will find detailed instructions for getting a Vietnam visa in UK or Canada or Australia. Information about Vietnam Embassies and Consultancy located in each country such as addresses, telephone number, email addresses are also available. There are introduction about Vietnam visa on arrival service including eligibility, costs and how to apply for Vietnam visa.


Other useful features are Frequently Asked Questions page, Questions & Answers page and Application Form.

Users can easily scroll down the FAQs page to have answers for the most common questions regarding Vietnam visa or submit their own questions on the Q&A page. Questions submitted are usually answered within 24 hours.

Application forms are for those who would like to avoid the hassle of going through the step-by-step online application. In that case, users can download and fill out the application form and email it back to the email address provided.